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WWE provides health update on Austin Theory and Carmelo Hayes after match is stopped early by ref

NXT star Carmelo Hayes appeared on tonight’s (Jan. 12) episode of WWE SmackDown for a backstage conversation with General Manager Nick Aldis. It turned out to be an angle setting up a match between Hayes and Austin Theory later in the night.

The match itself had a scary ending on a Spanish Fly attempt from Theory. Theory seemed to land on his head/neck, and there was concern for the health of both men. Commentator Corey Graves said “that did not end well,” and the referee quickly called for the match to stop right there. This was pretty clearly a legitimate injury situation, and not a work.

Less than an hour after SmackDown went off the air, WWE provided the following update on Hayes and Theory:

Fans can let out a sigh of relief after reading WWE’s update: “They both suffered face contusions, and will both be okay.”

So, Carmelo and Austin have bruised faces, according to WWE, and hopefully that will be the full extent of the injury news here.

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