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Live, laugh, and love with R-Truth and Judgment Day’s new merch

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If Rhea Ripley was unhappy with R-Truth’s attempts to nudge his way into Judgment Day before, she’s really going to have a fit now, as R-Truth is featured on the latest apparel for the gothic stable.

WWE Shop, the official online store for WWE, has released two new t-shirts depicting R-Truth as a member of Judgment Day. Listed online as ‘The Judgment Day & R-Truth Live Laugh Love T-Shirt’ and ‘The Judgment Day & R-Truth Roster T-Shirt,’ each are advertised as special event items.

Meanwhile, JD McDonagh, who, unlike Truth, is an official member of the group and has been since before Survivor Series, isn’t featured on any merchandise for the menacing faction. In fact, WWE Shop is dismissing his entry and contributions to the band in its product description:

It turns out JD McDonagh wasn’t the missing piece The Judgment Day needed to continue its stranglehold on WWE. Lo and behold, it was the happy-go-lucky R-Truth.

“Celebrate the newest member of The Judgment Day,” according to WWE Shop.

For the past month, R-Truth has appeared in several skits and segments with Judgment Day that have been a hit with viewers. During the most recent episode of Raw, R-Truth starred in a video documenting his time with the group and sharing his appreciation for its members, such as “Tom and Nick Mysterio.” The 51-year-old Truth also recalls that on the day he was born, he told the doctor who delivered him, “One day, I’m gonna be in Judgment Day.”

Later, Ripley insisted that R-Truth needed to be addressed. Damian Priest reassured her that he would handle Truth when the moment was right, even though he found the veteran’s antics amusing. However, a potential storyline could be brewing where Truth’s nibbling into Judgment Day’s merchandise profits might prompt a quicker revocation of his nonexistent club membership.

Then again, money talks and the sale of these shirts may ultimately determine Truth’s place within the unit. Given how well the segments between Truth and Judgment have been received, it stands to reason that a new top seller may be entering the merchandise fray. And according to Twitter/X accounts like Wrestle Features and WrestleOps...

... that’s precisely what’s happened.

So, how about it, Cagesiders? Are you going to live, laugh, love, and, most importantly, continue to buy Judgment Day’s new Truth-inspired gear?

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