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Jinder Mahal brags about being ‘the talk of the town’ after Tony Khan’s tweets

WWE briefly trolled its fans on the Day 1 episode of Raw by first bringing out Jinder Mahal as the much-hyped “former WWE champion” who was advertised to appear on the show, before The Rock showed up for the actual reveal.

Jobber Mahal was back on Raw one week later, this time getting himself booked in a future world championship match against Seth Rollins. WWE’s booking decision on Mahal set off AEW President Tony Khan, who embarrassed a lot of AEW fans by being so gotten to about how people online react to his booking decisions in comparison.

Khan’s tweets about WWE booking helped get Jinder’s name out there in a big way. During yesterday’s interview on The Bump, Mahal bragged about trending on Twitter all day, but he didn’t mention AEW or Khan’s name:

“This past week, [I] was in the ring with Seth Rollins. Told him exactly how I feel, and now I’m number one contender to the world heavyweight champion. I was trending on Twitter all day yesterday...somehow again the Modern Day Maharaja is the talk of the town.”

Mahal kept it focused on WWE, saying fans can look forward to seeing his face plastered all over WWE products and programming after he beats Seth for the world title next week (Jan. 15) on Raw:

“I feel overlooked by the WWE Universe, by WWE itself...when was the last time you’ve seen the Modern Day Maharaja’s face on any promotional material?’ll see Cody Rhodes and CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair. But you will never see the face of the Modern Day Maharaja. You’ll never see Indus Sher. And that’s about to change, ‘cause as world heavyweight champion again, I have the platform. I will be prominently displayed as I should be.”

Do you look forward to Jinder Mahal becoming the new face of WWE Raw in just a few days from now? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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