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Nick Aldis to Roman Reigns: ‘Mess with the bull, here are the horns’

SmackDown’s GM sends another reminder to the Tribal Chief that he is the law on Friday nights.

SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis did not mince words during an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, as he laid it out straight to the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“If you’re gonna mess with the bull, here are the horns,” said Aldis.

Since becoming the GM of Smackdown, the former two-time NWA World Champion has not allowed Reigns or his crew, Paul Heyman and the Bloodline, to intimidate him. Aldis has gone so far as to warn Reigns directly in no uncertain terms that he “is the sharp end of the stick on SmackDown.”

Still, Reigns tried testing Aldis last week by disrupting a triple threat match between LA Knight, AJ Styles, and Randy Orton meant to determine Reigns’ Royal Rumble challenger. But after the contest ended without a finish due to interference by the Bloodline, Aldis informed Heyman that Reigns would instead defend his title against all three men in a fatal four-way at the Rumble. That news did not sit well with Reigns, who told Heyman to fix this.

However, any requests by the Wise Man to have Aldis rethink his decision are likely to fall on deaf ears.

“There’s no fixing to be done. The way that you fix this, Roman, is by proving your worth and emerging victorious at the Royal Rumble,” Aldis said.

The boss of the blue brand added that as management in WWE, the number one priority to the company is its fans, the WWE Universe. And while he praised Reigns for being a generational talent and a pillar of WWE, Aldis flatly stated that Reigns is “just a man.”

Following these words, it’ll be interesting to see how The Head of the Table approaches the head of the show when they next meet. Reigns’ final SmackDown appearance before the Rumble is on Jan. 19 in Atlanta, a week before the signature event. Perhaps Reigns will draw inspiration from one of his Rumble adversaries, Randy Orton, and flatten Aldis with a vicious strike.

But just as Orton was fined for his actions, Reigns would likely face a penalty as well. If that happens, his punishment would most assuredly come on the go-home episode of SmackDown, the night before his fatal four-way title defense.

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