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The Rock was Triple H’s big surprise return (and Jinder Mahal too!)

A few days ago, word started going around that a “former WWE champion” could be appearing on the “Day 1” special episode of Monday Night Raw this week in San Diego. Then, Triple H all but confirmed as much in the lead up to the show. Finally, on the show itself, they revealed we would indeed be getting a big return.

And then Samantha Irvin set it up, saying this is it, here the returning former champion is and it was...

Jinder Mahal.

Indeed, a former WWE champion.

The crowd was shown when his music hit and you could quite literally see the disappointment on every face, an entire crowd doing a collective full body sigh.

Mahal called out the entirety of the United States of America, saying it’s disgusting and lacks unity. The people have never been so divided, with ignorance and misinformation running rampant. He claimed he would be the one to unite everyone, and shut up and listen.

It felt like a set up for the real surprise.

Finally, The Rock’s music hit, to a THUNDEROUS pop.

The Rock did what he always does, verbally eviscerating Mahal, cracking a few jokes, working the gimmick, getting all his stuff in, much to the delight of all. Poor Jinder was branded the “Day 1 Douchebag.”

“The Great One” even sang a new rendition of the National Anthem!

And, ultimately, of course, per usual, a The People’s Elbow to top it all off.

But, best of all, he left with a tease, asking the crowd where he should sit when he goes to dinner after the show — a booth, at the bar, or perhaps “at the head of the table?”

Could it be happening?!?

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