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Shotzi & Scarlett: Paranormal investigators? Ok, we’re in

SmackDown’s Shotzi & Scarlett are friends. They joined WWE at the same time in 2019 (which, for Scarlett, was just the first of two contracts she’s signed with the company, but that’s neither here nor there right now). They’ve also collaborated outside the ring, on things like their 2021 song “Indestructible” with AEW’s Harley Cameron.

Now, they’re launching a YouTube show together for WWE. Scarlett shared the news on the website/app we used to call Twitter this afternoon (Sept. 9):

We assume Chamber of Horrors is a passion project for the pair. Shotzi & Scarlett (and Scarlett’s man Karrion Kross) don’t hide their horror influences, with the former Ms. Blackheart even posting scary movie and attraction reviews on her own YouTube channel. The Ballsy Badass has also flexed her hosting muscles for WWE before, twice serving as mistress of ceremonies for NXT’s Halloween Havoc events.

So leading a haunted house show is on brand for Scarlett & Shotzi. Plus, there’s another wrestling tie-in to this show. “Chamber of Horrors” was a match at WCW Halloween Havoc in 1991. It featured many future legends, including Sting, The Steiners, Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack), Abdullah The Butcher, Vader, and Scott Hall (as The Diamond Studd), and a non-legendary ending when Foley inadvertently fried his teammate Abdullah in the electric chair that was lowered into the center of the ring for the match...

So what we’re saying is, even if the Shotzi & Scarlett version is a trainwreck — it can’t be worse than that.

We’re betting the new Chamber of Horrors will be a spooky good time, though. It’s Scarlett & Shotzi investigating paranormal phenomena. Sign us up!

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