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WWE said to have multiple reasons for planned LA Knight ‘megapush’

It’s not just live crowds the Megastar is popping.

WWE’s Instagram

Considering the report WWE is signing LA Knight to a long-term contract, it’s not surprising to hear the company has big plans for the Megastar.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter brings us that unsurprising item, and also explains why WWE is getting behind LA with a “megapush”:

Knight is expected to get a megapush going forward given that the ratings for his segments and his merchandise sales have both been very strong. The crowd reaction alone would help you but in many cases if WWE thinks it’s a fad and there isn’t economic indications they only take crowd reactions to a certain level. But with Knight, the success is across the board.

You can’t fault the logic. If a corporation the size of WWE is going to invest money & creative/marketing efforts in someone (especially a 40-year-old who prior to last year was something of a journeyman), it makes sense to have multiple indicators those investments are worthwhile.

Nothing’s guaranteed in wrestling or in life, of course. But if someone is popping ratings as well as crowds AND moving a ton of merch, you can justify the decision to strap a rocket to him to your bosses.


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