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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Sept. 8, 2023): AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Uso

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 8, 2023) with a live show emanating from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, featuring fallout from the Payback Premium Live Event that happened last Saturday in Pittsburgh.

Advertised for tonight: AJ Styles looks for revenge when he goes against Jimmy Uso in singles competition. Will Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman, and The O.C. show up ringside to get involved in the fight?

Also on the card: Shotzi joins forces with Charlotte Flair for a tag team match against Damage CTRL (Bayley and WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY), and much more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FOX. It will be below this line here. (Note: Links to illegal streams are prohibited. Pics and GIFs are allowed.)


Sometimes in the morning, I wake up without you. Can’t get up, it’s getting me down, tell me what you’re trying to do. Later in the evening, you come home feeling low, but me? I’m here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of Payback.

Commentary hypes up tonight’s show for us.

Charlotte Flair & Shotzi Blackheart vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY)

Flair and Bayley to start, shoving match breaks out, Charlotte clears SKY off the apron, chopping away at the Role Model! IYO back in, the match breaks down, Blackheart joins the brawl! Legal women to the floor, Flair throws Bayley into the barricade as SKY throws Shotzi out of the ring and follows with an Asai moonsault that sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Blackheart with an arm drag on SKY, flapjack in return, tag to Bayley, stereo kicks, cover for two. Working Shotzi over, grinding her down, eventually she gets the hot tag to Charlotte! Flair in with a crossbody, hammering chops, fallaways slam follows!

Charlotte kips up, handspring lariat, a fallaways slam for IYO when she runs in, looking for the figure four, reversed to a small package... NOPE! Single leg into the spinning toehold into the figure four leglock, bridging up, but SKY breaks it up with a Meteora!

Quick tags, IYO with an avalanche Frankensteiner, the Role Model goes up top and gets distracted by Asuka going after Dakota Kai at ringside and stealing SKY’s title! Flair knocks Bayley down with a big bloot, blasts IYO with one too, Shotzi legal...

Charlotte Flair & Shotzi Blackheart win by pinfall with a suplex from Shotzi on Bayley.

Post-match, Asuka drops the WWE Women’s Championship in front of SKY and squares up with her.

We get a recap of all the Jimmy Uso stuff from last week.

Backstage, Jimmy Uso rolls up on Paul Heyman to say that after all that he’s in the Bloodline and he wants to know what they’re doing.

Heyman says Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns aren’t here, and technically yes if you’re not out, you’re in, but there’s “in” and there’s “IN” and Jimmy isn’t “IN” until Roman personally says he is. So tonight, Jimmy should handle AJ Styles, and he’ll talk to Roman, and then this family will be back together.

Uso wants a high five but Paul E leaves him hanging and keeps walking. He runs into AJ Styles, Styles confronts him, and Jimmy takes care of AJ for him. Heyman calls Roman Reigns on his phone as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Damage CTRL are interviewed backstage and Bayley is apoplectic about Asuka getting in their business and promises to put her on the shelf.

IYO SKY challenges her to a title match.

LA Knight makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He doesn’t know if everyone got to see Miz’s scintillating performance on Raw, and he talks about his song, “I came to play”, and if he was a moron he’d ask us to look at the adjective, but he’s not, so he’ll just talk about it, and he’s not here to play, he’s here to go straight to the top.

The Miz plays dress-up, he plays make-believe, he whines and cries, but the fact is he lost and he has to swallow that bitter pill. But if he’s a cockroach that just has to be stomped one more time, well, consider the challenge accepted.

Enter Grayson Waller.

He introduces Austin Theory, who also joins them.

Waller talks about their big victory over the Latino World Order and points out that makes them the only tag team on the roster that’s undefeated and also the greatest tag team of all time. Knight tells them to go play make-believe somewhere else, but Austin ripostes that he’s beaten John Cena and Mr. Knight both, as well as being a two-time United States Champion at his young age.

Whereas LA has, uh... he’s just been here. And he’s glad he’s here to soak all this in and enjoy his fifteen minutes, because when he’s done, Miz ain’t gonna waste his time. Knight calls them cute together and says he’s gonna show these incels how to do this. He calls them a mush-mouth moron and a cross-eyed halfwit and crotch goblins.

TD Garden stands on Legends’ Way, and Theory can take a legendary ass-kicking tonight, and we go to break.

Austin Theory vs. LA Knight

Grayson Waller is on commentary for this one.

Collar and elbow, Theory with a side headlock, takeover, shot off, shoulder block! Austin beating him down in the corner, choking him, Knight on the comeback, to the floor, smashing Theory into the announce desk over and over as Waller objects! Back inside, whip to the corner, back body drop puts LA on the apron and Theory catches him with a hanging neckbreaker to the floor as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Knight misses a leg drop but lands a pair of lariats and a side Russian legsweep, following it with a DDT! Theory on the comeback, he gets a nearfall, action to the floor and Waller pulls a turnbuckle pad off for his pal! Back inside, whip blocked, back suplex, Knight lands on his feet!

Off the ropes, bodyslam, People’s Elbow connects, Grayson runs interference, Austin with a schoolboy for two! Back and forth, referee Dan Engler barely avoids disaster, LA has him...

LA Knight wins by pinfall with BFT.

Post-match, Waller begs off but Knight chases him out of the ring.

Backstage, AJ Styles is interviewed.

He says he’s still standing, and if he’s standing, he can fight. Jimmy Uso can jump him from behind all he wants, but nothing will stop him from tearing his head off tonight.

Judgment Day make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Adam Pearce is talking to Paul Heyman.

Heyman wants to know who’s being traded to Raw, and Pearce says those decisions come from above his paygrade and as soon as he knows, Paul will.

LA Knight rolls up and demands a match with the Miz and Adam gives it to him, next week. Paul realizes they haven’t been introduced and introduces himself and says he’s a big fan, and the next time the guy at the door tells him he’s doing business, knock first.

Knight gets in his face with a “Yeah” when Heyman asks if they’re clear.

The three men of Judgment Day are in the ring and Damian Priest gets on the mic and tells everyone to rise.

Finn Balor says nobody’s better than them, Senor Money in the Bank and Grand Slam Finn, your tag team champions. And let’s not forget about the NXT North American Champion, Dirty Dominik Mysterio. Priest adds that they’re proud of Rhea Ripley, who isn’t here because she was working the India show today.

He continues, saying they accomplished something the Bloodline couldn’t do, something Roman Reigns couldn’t do— they not only beat Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, they took the tag titles from them. Dom tries to talk about them being a family of equals but he gets drowned out by boos.

Enter Brawling Brutes.

Ridge Holland takes issue with the idea that the Judgment Day are the most dominant faction around here and tells them it’s not him they should worry about, it’s Pete Dunne. Balor laughs at the idea but Dunne wishbones his fingers and all hell breaks loose!

Brutes send Judgment Day packing and we go to break before the match begins.

Brawling Brutes (Pete “BUTCH” Dunne & Ridge Holland) vs. Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor)

Back from commercial, match joined in progress and Dunne is on the wrong side of town as Judgment Day pile on quick tags! Tag to Holland, front chancery swing sets up a delayed vertical butterfly suplex! Fired up, Balor gets away and tags Priest in, gamengiri from the apron, off the ropes, trading pounces, leaping forearm from Damian!

Front chancery, Ridge tries a fireman’s carry but Priest clubs him out of it! Back to the chancery, clubbing Holland down, but this time he lifts both Damian and Finn up for a huge double back body drop! Dominik Mysterio running interference, Priest drops Ridge with a lariat and beats him down!

Pretty Deadly are shown watching on a monitor backstage, poor Elly in a wheelchair.

Balor grinding Holland down with a side headlock, Ridge gets away, hot tag, chops, knee drop from BUTCH! Shining Wizard, to the apron, Dunne goes up top, moonsault wipes Judgment Day out and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Pete with a superplex, pumphandle, Balor floats over, inverted headlock elbow drop and both men are down and out! Tags made, Holland traps both of Priest’s arms for an overhook belly-to-belly suplex! Tag made, dropkick-assisted bodyslam, only two!

Damian clobbers BUTCH, drawing him up after, huge elbow strike, boot sends Holland sprawling, cover on Dunne for two! Mysterio gets involved again, BUTCH with Beats of the Bodhran on him, Finn cuts him off with a schoolboy and follows with a lariat! Shotgun dropkick sets him up, nobody home on the Coup de Grace!

Oklahoma roll for two, enzuigiri gets a Pele kick, tag to Priest! Goozle, South of Heaven countered with an enzuigiri, tag to Ridge! He pounces Damian, powerbomb lift, Balor cuts Dunne off, Damian gets South of Heaven this time! A second South of Heaven puts BUTCH into Ridge, Balor tags in and comes off the top...

Judgment Day win by pinfall with Coup de Grace from Finn Balor on Ridge Holland.

Post-match, Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits make their entrance and come to the ring to square up with Judgment Day.

Priest gets in Lashley’s face, Balor in Montez Ford’s, and Mysterio in Angelo Dawkins’. Bob says they’re right that Bloodline is done, but it’s not Judgment Day that will take over, it’s them.

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Mia Yim are laughing and cavorting backstage when AJ Styles rolls up to ask them if they saw Jimmy Uso jump him from behind. Anderson apologizes, Styles slaps the hand out of his phone and Karl says he told him not to get in Bloodline business.

AJ’s fired up and says they used to stand with each other no matter what and leaves, frustrated, as we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a media hype reel and highlight clips from Superstar Spectacle in India.

Backstage, Asuka cuts a promo about how she was champion and never got a rematch, and IYO has her title and she’s coming for it in two weeks and taking it back.

Jimmy Uso makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a social media hype reel for WWE’s performance on TikTok.

AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Uso

Styles blasts Uso out the gates with a huge legsweep! Back inside, cover for two, Jimmy wtih a schoolboy and his feet on the ropes, no deal! AJ blasts him with an elbow, big backbreaker, referee Jason Ayers checks on Uso, Styles calls for the Styles Clash, but Jimmy bails to the floor for a breather!

Back inside, he cracks AJ with a hard right elbow and turns the tide! Cover for one, Styles back on his feet and Uso slides back to the floor and celebrates like he’s won! AJ with a baseball slide, Jimmy catches him with a superkick, and Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman come to the stage!

Uso smashes Styles face-first into the steel steps and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Styles laying chops in, whip reversed, big back body drop! Uso stalking after him, right hands, Ode to Rikishi... NOPE! Grinding AJ down with a reverse chinlock, Styles gets to his feet but Jim counters with a mat slam! Grinding his forearm bone into AJ’s face, back to the reverse chinlock!

Styles counters with a back suplex, on their knees and jawing, trading paintbrushing slaps to their feet, Uso with an enzuigiri, AJ with the Pele kick, back to down and out! Styles sends him to the floor with a lariat, Phenomenal Forearm ducked, Ushigoroshi connects... STILL NO!

Corner lariat, Uso with a kick and a slicing right, cover for two. AJ with a DDT for two, to the apron, distracted by Paul Heyman, Styles adjusts his position and Jim blasts him with a superkick! Choking AJ in the ropes, Styles breaks away, cuts Solo off on the floor, puts Uso into the post and lines him up...

AJ Styles wins by pinfall with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Post-match, Sikoa runs in, too little too late, as AJ walks away victorious...

UNTIL JUDGMENT DAY BLINDSIDE HIM AND BEAT HIM DOWN! They throw him back in the ring at Solo and leave him to the Enforcer’s tender mercies... SAMOAN SPIKE!

Finn and Damian look at Solo.

That’s the show, folks.

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