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Former WWE wrestler ‘General’ Adnan Al-Kaissy has died at age 84


A Facebook post from legendary wrestling announcer Ken Resnick brought news of the wrestling world’s latest loss this afternoon (Sept. 6): Adnan Al-Kaissy died recently at the age of 84.

Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, Al-Kaissy played college football in Texas for the Universty of Houston before transferring to Oklahoma State where he found success as a wrestler.

He had two prominent runs with the company now known as WWE. In 1976, while working as a Native American character he wrestled under throughout the 60s and 70s named Billy White Wolf, he won the WWWF Tag titles with Chief Jay Strongbow. They soon vacated the belts as Al-Kaissy needed neck surgery. He would then return in 1990 as General Adnan, allying with Sgt. Slaughter and The Iron Sheik (at the time working as Colonel Mustafa) in the infamous Triangle of Terror. The Iraqi sympathizer gimmick led to a SummerSlam main event handicap match against Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior in 1991 before the group disbanded when Slaughter turned face.

In between those runs, Al-Kaissy wrestled for the AWA. In Verne Gagne’s territory, he had memorable feud with Slaughter and Nick Bockwinkle as Sheik Adnan El Kaissey.

He retired in 1998 after more then three decades in the ring.

May he rest in peace.

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