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The Miz did an entire segment with a man he couldn’t see

The Miz came to Monday Night Raw in Charlotte this week good and pissed off about John Cena’s officiating job in his match with LA Knight at Payback this past weekend in Pittsburgh. He lost fair and square, of course, but that certainly isn’t going to stop someone with an ego like Miz from placing the blame somewhere.

So he called Cena out for a guest appearance on “Miz TV” and wouldn’t you know it, he showed up.

You just couldn’t see him.

Get it?

He he. Ha ha. Ho ho.

They really went all out with this bit — which, to be fair, is something I’m surprised they haven’t done before — and The Miz committed to it so thoroughly that while it was goofy, he made it work:

Truly incredible stuff.

I can’t imagine it’s leading to a match, considering Cena’s limited appearances are all set for Friday Night SmackDown over the next couple months but it was worth it either way.

Anyway, here are all the videos from the show:

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