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Jey Uso starts his solo run on Raw with a hug

We found out at Payback this past Saturday night in Pittsburgh that Cody Rhodes called in a favor and got Jey Uso onto the Monday Night Raw roster. We didn’t have to wait long for him to make his first appearance on the red brand either, as he kicked off this week’s show in Charlotte.

He hit the ring with a microphone to tell us he hit his breaking point a few weeks ago after fighting with his family every single week for so long. So he quit. He wasn’t gone long but that’s because he got a phone call from a most unexpected place — Cody Rhodes.

So now he’s here, as Main Event Jey Uso, all by his lonesome.

Cue fellow member of the Raw roster Sami Zayn.

He got right to it, telling Jey a lot of people in the locker room will have problems with Jey being here now but not him. No, he’s happy that he finally broke free and is standing on his own two feet.

They teased a confrontation, like maybe they wouldn’t get along, but ultimately decided that wouldn’t be very ucey and came together to hug it out.

Of course, Jey instantly ran afoul of Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle, making clear Zayn’s words rang true — he’s going to have a lot of wrongs to right. But he’s off to a good start.

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