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WWE Stock Report: Cameron Grimes’ push in WWE is already over

Some places do power rankings. Here at Cageside, we do a stock report.

In this weekly series, we identify three Superstars (or groups of Superstars) who are on their way up, and three that are moving in the opposite direction. After a busy week that included Dragon Lee featured on both Raw and SmackDown, the Street Profits more clearly embracing the dark side, and a potential WarGames tease on Raw, a lot of fortunes were changed.

With that in mind, let’s see whose stock decreased the most this week:

Stock Down #3: AJ Styles

It looks like I jumped the gun when I said AJ Styles is back in the main event, because it turns out he was just a placeholder for LA Knight at Fastlane. It’s at least possible that WWE does intend for AJ to return after Fastlane and challenge Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, but considering how popular Knight is right now, WWE may very well just plug the megastar into that match as well.

Stock Down #2: Bayley

Charlotte Flair called out Bayley for being a sidekick and falling short of the Horsewoman standard with her recent results in the ring. The Queen then backed up those words by beating Bayley in a singles match en route to earning a title match against IYO SKY.

Stock Down #1: Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes sat on the sidelines from December through April waiting for WWE creative to come up with an idea for him on the main roster. That idea turned out to be a debut win in mere seconds over Baron Corbin on SmackDown in May.

But Cameron has done nothing of significance since then and isn’t even on TV most weeks. His last two matches on SmackDown TV were both quick losses against Austin Theory, first on the Aug. 4 episode and then again last night (Sept. 29). It’s quite evident that Cameron Grimes’ push on the main roster, to the extent that it ever existed in the first place, is already done with.

Now let’s see whose stock increased the most this week:

Stock Up #3: Tegan Nox

Nox defeated Natalya on Raw and earned a future title match against NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Tegan hasn’t received much TV time in WWE this year, so this is her chance to show the higher-ups why she belongs on Raw every week.

Stock Up #2: LA Knight

LA Knight returned from COVID to save John Cena and kick The Bloodline’s ass in the show-closing angle on SmackDown. Not only is LA going to compete in the main event of Fastlane alongside Cena, but it seems pretty clear that he’s gunning for Roman Reigns’ WWE Universal championship in the not-too-distant future.

Stock Up #1: Jade Cargill

WWE announced the signing of Jade Cargill this week, and their hype machine has been in overdrive getting the word out on the enormity of this deal. Given the superlatives used by Michael Cole and Corey Graves while discussing Cargill on SmackDown, it sure looks like WWE has big plans for her in a top spot whenever she debuts.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Whose stock do you think changed the most this week?

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