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WWE NXT No Mercy results, live streaming match coverage

WWE NXT No Mercy is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., Sept. 30, 2023) at 8pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT No Mercy below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NXT heads to Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, California for their latest premium live event. This one has all the brands titles on the line — one of them in an Extreme Rules match — and more! We can help get you up to speed on all that in our preview & predictions!

When the bell rings, kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!


Becky Lynch def. Tiffany Stratton
Ilja Dragunov def. Carmelo Hayes
Noam Dar def. Butch
The Family def. OTM, The Creeds, and Carrillo & Garza
Trick Williams def. Dominik Mysterio
Baron Corbin def. Bron Breakker
Blair Davenport def. Kelani Jordan


Now Emily brings a tray of parfait to the troops of sinuous felines lounging in her chaise longue, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Blair Davenport vs. Kelani Jordan

Jordan hot out the gates but a trip to the floor turns the tide for Davenport. Back inside, Boston Crab applied, Kelani crawling for the ropes, crossleg victory roll counter! Blair looking for a side slam, countered into an Ace Crusher, both women down and out! Jordan to her feet first, clobbering elbows, cartwheel back elbow into a kip-up!

Front kick, Overdrive... SO CLOSE! Setting her up in the corner, split-legged moonsault, the knees are up! Davenport with a double stomp, fired up...

Blair Davenport wins by pinfall with a Falcon Arrow.

Post-match, Gigi Dolin attacks Davenport and beats her down!

The show opens with a video package based on WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64.

Baron Corbin vs. Bron Breakker

Brawling on the floor before the bell, fighting out into the crowd, back and forth and we finally get in the ring and get the bell.

Breakker in control early, shoulder blocks, Corbin comes back, vertical suplex for two! Bron getting back into it, Baron up top, mounted punches, avalanche Frankensteiner connects! Miliary press into the powerslam... BARON KICKS OUT! Pressing the attack, Corbin with Deep Six... NO DEAL!

End of Days countered, another counter into a side cradle, only two! Lariat from Bron, another one sends Baron to the floor, Breakker follows after only for Corbin to chokeslam him through the announce table! Bron recovers and spears him hard on the floor, back inside, the straps are down but Robert Stone is here and does a crossbody off the top!

Breakker catches him and throws him into a crowd of security, Baron back inside...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with End of Days.

We see footage of our NXT Women’s Championship participants entering the building amidst some recaps.

Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams (NXT North American Championship)

Dragon Lee is your special guest referee for this one.

Mysterio with a dropkick out the gates, he’s unhappy with Lee being slow to count and Williams comes after him with strikes! Off the ropes, Trick runs him over, dropkick, scoop, float over, Dominik rolls to the floor and grabs his title to leave but Williams runs him over with a lariat!

Back inside, scoop and a slam, Trick off the ropes, big lariat, Mysterio rolls away from the cover and back to the floor! Taking control, the champion brings things back inside, a few punches, jumping knee follows! Slingshot senton atomico, no good, and Dom disrespects Dragon Lee again!

Mounted punches, elbow misses, double lariats and both men are down! Dom comes in for a superkick but he hits Dragon Lee by accident! Right hands to Williams, whip to the corner, duck under, jumping neckbreaker from Trick, cover for about a five count before a replacement slides in!

Williams with a flapjack, corkscrew roundhouse kick, still not enough! Dom off the ropes, he takes out the new referee and both he and Trick crash to the floor! Posting Williams, throwing him back inside, off the top, frog splash... NOBODY HOME! Trick Willy with the cover, another would-be fall with no one to count it!

Trick goes to the floor to wake Dragon up, Mysterio grabs the belt, Williams ducks, big knee... IT’S OVER!

Trick Williams wins by pinfall with a rising knee, becoming your NEW NXT North American Championship.

Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo vs. Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed vs. D’Angelo Family (Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) (c) vs. Out the Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

The match breaks down early, all eight men brawling in the ring, Out the Mud have Butus Creed cut off in the middle of the ring to work him over! Carrillo tags in on Nima, Stacks on Creed, and they get at it! Hip toss, double leg, Humberto kicks him away, springboard crossbody!

Side headlock, shot off, Manhattan Drop from Lorenzo into stomps to the midsection! Tag to D’Angelo, whip across, big knee, but the Don’s knee gives out on him when he tries to pick Garza up for a slam! Referee checking on him, Creeds getting into it with Angel and Humberto, Stacks clobbers Humberto with a mule kick!

Sliding knee from Garza, cousins working Channing over, short-arm Total Elimination... SO CLOSE! Out the Mud back in, Price clobbers Stacks in the corner! Following it with a reverse chinlock, Ivy Nile runs in and takes SCRYPTS out with a kick! Brutus tags in, cleaning house with shoulder blocks, big flapjack for Garza and the straps are down!

Ankle lock applied, but Carrillo cuts him off with a superkick! Julius with suplexes to defend his brother, as the match breaks further down! OTM hold Channing up for Humberto to blast him with a superkick! Tony D’Angelo headbutts road agent Biff Busick to clear a path to return to the match with his knee braced up!

Adrenaline flowing, the Don cleans house and hits a big spinebuster on Carrillo! Marshalling the Creed brothers to help... SUPERPLEXES IN QUADRAPHONIC! Heels cleared out of the ring, babyface teams square up, Creeds clear the Family out but the heels are back and Out the Mud end up getting the best of things!

Pop-up powerslam on D’Angelo... NOPE! Garza and Carrillo take over briefly but Brutus blasts them into the next time zone and follows it with the Brutus Bomb to the floor! Double suplex from the champs...

D’Angelo Family win by pinfall with a double back suplex on Lucien Price, retaining the NXT Tag Team Championship.

We get the cryptic channel changing vignette again.

Trick Williams rolls up in the locker room with his NXT North American Championship on his shoulder and he and Carmelo Hayes celebrate together, and they are THEM. Williams says one more dub to get tonight and they’re hype for Carmelo to retain his title.

We see Becky Lynch filling a trash can full of plunder backstage.

Noam Dar (c) vs. Pete “BUTCH” Dunne (NXT Heritage Cup)

Round One

Circling, collar and elbow, Dunne with a wristlock, Dar reverses and takes him down, reversal back, kneeling on Noam’s shoulder and bending his arm back into an armbar. Shove off, shoulder block, striking, Dar takes him down with a kick, headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, drop down, Pete takes him out with a lariat!

The timer ticks down and Dar gets a cheap shot in right as the round ends!

Round Two

Low crossbody from Dar into a cover, only two! Hanging DDT fake out into a kick to the face, BUTCH out at two! Sliding knee, Beats of the Bodhran, Meta-Four incensed and running interference, Oro Mensah with a kick from the floor! Running enzuigiri from Noam...

Noam Dar wins the first fall by pinfall with a running enzuigiri, going 1-0.

Round Three

Dar with kicks, both men go for crossbodies and end up down and out! Victory roll from Dar almost does it, Dunne with a superkick, moonsault... BLOCKED WITH A KICK! Noam charges in, Pete pops up with an elbow, pumphandle...

Pete “BUTCH” Dunne wins the second fall by pinfall with Bitter End, evening things up 1-1.

Round Four

BUTCH in with mounted forearms, clobbering away, blocking the kneebar but Dar gets a bodyscissors sleeper out of it! German suplex into a cross armbar, reversed into an armbar by Dunne! Noam with a triangle choke, stomp to the bicep counters it! X Plex connects... STILL NO!

Off the top, Pete gets a triangle choke as the countdown timer ticks...

Round Five

Noam Dar is out cold but Meta-Four pull him into the corner to rouse him during the twenty second break.

Dune backs him into the corner with windmill strikes, Dar is slumped in the ropes, pumphandle, blocked with knees! Catch a kick, big back elbow... PETE KICKS OUT! Noam up top, BUTCH cuts him off, superplex connects... SO CLOSE! On the apron, Dar with a kick... APRON BRAINBUSTER!

Lash Legend rolls him back inside to cover... DUNNE KICKS OUT! Clock running out, Pete bends his hand down and stomps it into the mat right as the round ends!

Round Six

Trading forearms, Dunne into punches, lighting him up, off the ropes, rebound German suplex, stomp the hand, buzzsaw kick, Oro Mensah with a cheap enzuigiri! Noam pulls Pete’s mouthpiece out and lands the running enzuigiri... PETE DUNNE WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Tyler Bate beats Mensah down!

Dunne hits the Tyler Driver ‘97... NOPE! Pumphandle, reversed, kneebar applied, Pete reverses to a seated armbar and snaps the fingers! Pumphandle... DAR KICKS OUT OF BITTER END! Dunne into an armbar, bending hte fingers back, Gallus hit ringside and beat Tyler down! BUTCH WITH A PLANCHA TO SAVE HIS FRIEND!

Pump kick, referee distracted, Joe Coffey slides in... ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS! Dar takes advantage...

Noam Dar wins the third fall by pinfall with a lateral press, going 2-1 and retaining the NXT Heritage Cup.

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov (NXT Championship)

Dragunov hot out the gates with a big boot, taking Hayes around the ring to clobber him repeatedly, stomp across the back of his neck and another running boot! Falling forearm, repeated stomps, uppercuts and kicks in the corner! Waistlock, back elbows break Carmelo out of it but Ilja slaps him in the shoulders and throws him to the apron!

A boot blasts Melo to the floor, back inside, machine gun chops in the corner! Boot to the back of the neck, grabbing a half-halch to ground Hayes before blasting him with a knee! Carmelo finally comes back with chops and kicks into the corner, and they move on to trading shots!

Enzuigiris exchanged, Hayes with a cover... NOPE! German suplexes from the Unbesiegbar Czar, Melo breaks his grip, waistlock of his own, Ilja raining elbows down! Constantine Special reversed, La Mistica... SO CLOSE! Wristlock stomps from the champion, lining him up, pump kick blocked, slaps for knees, running knee connects!

Tiger Driver connects, both men down! Dragunov counters the Codebreaker, fireman’s carry... BLU-RAY! Coast 2 Coast dropkick follows! Setting Carmelo up top... DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Ilja bleeding from the forehead, he hits the falling elbow... SO CLOSE! Off the top, another falling forearm... CARMELO HAYES WILL NOT STAY DOWN!

Torpedo Moskau countered with a superkick... STILL NO! Slugging it out on the apron... FINAL CUT TO THE FLOOR AND BOTH MEN ARE WRITHING IN AGONY! Hayes off the top... DRAGUNOV COUNTERS NOTHING BUT NET WITH A LARIAT! Ilja up top himself...

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall with the diving forearm, becoming your NEW NXT Champion.

We get a hype reel for this year’s NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament and its entrants.

Tegan Nox is shown at ringside.

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tiffany Stratton (NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match)

Lynch smashing her with a chair out the gates, Stratton runs away up into the crowd but Becky catches up to her and fights her up the steps, smashing her face into the guardrail! Back to ringside, Tiffany turns the tide with a couple tosses into the barricade and a smash of the steel steps!

Stratton busted open up near the eye, in the ring for the first time, hip attack and a double stomp, cover for two! Tiffany gets a toolbox from under the ring and gets a big adjustable wrench out of it and whacks Lynch with it! Back to the box, a shot with a crowbar, and then she gets a length of chain out and blasts Becky with it!

Lynch grabs a hammer, it bounces off the turnbuckle, big side slam from the challenger! Becky puts her into a chair wedged in the corner, exploder suplex follows it up, trading shots over the ropes, champion off the top with a missile dropkick but Tiffany rolls to the floor!

Baseball slide, diving elbow, ramming Stratton with a shopping cart and putting her in it before ramming her into the steel steps! Pulling Tiffany out of it, throwing her back in the ring, she grabs a black bag and slides into the ring with it! She dumps out a pile of broken Barbies!

Manhandle Slam blocked, Becky outmaneuvers her, inverted DDT into the doll parts! Lynch throwing dolls at her, Stratton blocks with a trash can lid and then wallops the champion with it! Under the ring, she grabs the trash can proper and brings it inside! Becky cuts her off with strikes before putting the can on Tiffany’s head!

Guillotine leg drop off the top and through the trash can! Nobody home on a dive, Stratton hammers her with the can and then hits a spinebuster into it.. SO CLOSE! Tiffany fills the ring with chairs, but Lynch catches her in a cross armbar! On the escape, Stratton can’t find Becky, but she’s hiding under the ring with a fire extinguisher and gives her a lungfull of CO2!

Barbed wire bat in hand, Tiffany cuts her off, thinking about a moonsault to the floor but Becky pulls her off the apron, reversed to a Frankensteiner, elbow sets up a handspring back elbow through the timekeeper’s table! Back inside, up top, senton atomico... NOT ENOUGH!

Diving, caught, Manhandle Slam on the floor, back inside... STILL NO! Finlay Roll into the chairs, challenger up top, moonsault, nobody home, Manhandle Slam into the chairs...

Becky Lynch wins by pinfall with a Manhandle Slam into chairs, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

Backstage, Trick Williams is holding his NXT North American Championship when Carmelo Hayes comes in.

Hayes apologizes for not getting it done but Trick says he has nothing to be ashamed of, he fought like a champion, and they embrace.

That’s the show, folks.

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