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Raquel Rodriguez is not done with Rhea Ripley

The Judgment Day ended Payback in Pittsburgh last night (Sat., Sept. 2, 2023) holding all the gold, as Finn Balor and Damian Priest won the tag team titles and North American Champion Dominik Mysterio helped ensure Rhea Ripley retained her women’s world championship. Ripley defeated former friend Raquel Rodriguez, but because of Dom’s involvement, it looks like they haven’t finished up their business just yet.

That’s what Raquel said, at least:

“I’m angry. I’m really, really, really angry. Tonight was supposed to be my night but again I knew Rhea Ripley couldn’t come out there by herself. I knew Dom couldn’t just leave her to handle this on her own. The second they see her in any kind of danger they come running to her.

“All I have to say is it’s not over. And this is for Liv, this is for me, it’s not over. Tonight was just a little taste. Dom will get his, even if I have to give it to him. And Rhea? She’s gonna get hers too.”

To be fair, there’s a much better story WWE could be telling with these two but they haven’t really taken a deep enough dive to get to it. If this is set to continue, perhaps they actually do more to draw on the history here.

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