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Becky Lynch is definitely going after the NXT women’s championship soon

A couple weeks ago, Tiffany Stratton cut a promo on NXT television where she vowed to be a better NXT women’s champion than Becky Lynch. This was notable because Lynch, of course, has never been NXT women’s champion, something everyone, including The Man herself, was quick to point out.

If it wasn’t an angle at the start, WWE instantly turned it into one, as the two have gone back-and-forth over it. But Lynch has been busy dealing with Trish Stratus, so any tease of actually going after that title she never won would have to wait.

Well, Payback has come and gone and Becky defeated Stratus in their feud ending Steel Cage match in Pittsburgh. And wouldn’t you know it, Stratton was in the building to once again tease out a match:

Rumors have suggested WWE would be going to this match-up in the near future and, well, they wouldn’t have had an interaction like this if that wasn’t the plan.

Lynch took care of her business but now it’s up to Stratton to do the same, as she defends that NXT women’s championship against Kiana James this coming Tuesday night.

Interested in this match?

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