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Great news from Pretty Deadly

Have your thoughts, prayers & #EltonStrong social media posts paid off? YES BOY!

Whether it’s watching Roderick Strong in a creaky hospital bed or customized wheelchair while he bravely campaigns for neck health awareness, or seeing Elton Prince struggle to stand on his own while dealing with his catastrophic shoulder injury... it’s been a tough few months for heels heroes faking dealing with fictional totally real ailments.

Now, finally, a ray of sunshine has pierced pro wrestling’s stormy skies. The title of this video just posted on WWE’s YouTube channel says it all...

#EltonStrong paid off... and it only took a week!

It’s not clear why WWE is releasing this video ahead of SmackDown tonight (Sept. 29). They may have already figured out they won’t have time for it on the FOX broadcast, or they just didn’t want to wait to share the great news.

Or maybe, just maybe our sweet Prince is so recovered he & Kit Wilson will be back in action on this week’s show?

Join us in our live blog at 8pm ET and we can all find out together!

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