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Becky Lynch wants people to be angry about her NXT Women’s title run

Becky Lynch has proven to be a big draw for NXT during her brief time on the brand, and WWE is clearly using her to help sell the brand’s No Mercy premium live event tomorrow (Sept. 30) in Bakersfield, California.

That’s why the NXT Women’s champion has been doing a bunch of media in support of the show, which will feature her defending the belt in an Extreme Rules rematch with the wrestler she beat for it, Tiffany Stratton. In one of those interviews (with USA Today), Lynch talked more about why she came to WWE’s developmental/third show:

“I wanted to put a spotlight on the brand, I wanted to elevate it, I wanted to work with the future of the business. I wanted to go down there, see what it looks like and push them a little further.”

And if that happens to piss some people off? So be it.

“I imagine it would for me. It would be like, ‘Oh, you’re on the main roster. You come on down here. You’re taking our title, but that’s good. I want people to be angry. Competition is usually stiffer the hungrier you are.”

But while The Man wants to motivate the NXT Women’s roster that way, she’s also there to share what she’s learned in the decade since she signed with WWE:

“When you are newer to this, and you haven’t worked in the main event picture, there’s a different pace that needs to be considered and different emotions and different elements that come into the picture. Showing them that aspect, I think, is very rewarding because that helps them, that helps them improve, that helps them grow.”

Becky is a living, breathing example of one of the lessons she hopes to instill:

“It’s about playing the long game. It’s not about doing well and having shine for two months or six months. It’s about being more than an Instagram post. It’s being ahead, it’s being a thinking head, so that you can connect with an audience so that you can find a reason that they care.

“Everybody’s athletic, everybody looks great, everybody’s wonderful. Show me why I care. You see a lot of people that are hungry down there that love this, that want to be better at this, and so time will tell how great they can be. There is no limit.”

As for her own current plans? Lynch is thinking about a feud the company’s been teasing for a while... her vs. WWE Women’s World champ Rhea Ripley:

“Maybe it will be championship for championship, winner takes all. We’ll see.”

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