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Cardi B says her WrestleMania entrance would be ‘grand’ like this five-time WWE Women’s champ

Cardi B’s YouTube

Cardi B was on Hot Ones recently.

The long-running Sean Evans-hosted celebrities-answer-questions-while-eating-increasingly-spicier-chicken-wings talk show has often welcomed pro wrestlers and dabbled in rasslin’-related matters. Cardi and WWE have seemed to been flirting with each other for years. You knew it was going to come up in between the sweat, tears and glasses of milk.

The hip-hop star first revealed that she’d originally wanted to name drop Triple H instead of Jimmy Snuka in “Hot Shit”, her 2022 collaboration with Kanye West and Lil Durk:

“I really wanted to say Triple H. But it didn’t rhyme, so I just said ‘Jimmy Snuka’. Because I was picturing ‘on top’, like, jumping like a wrestler. But I really wanted to say Triple H but, that wouldn’t even rhyme. It’s not even going with this flow or anything so, I just said, ‘Jimmy Snuka on the top rope, super fly shit.’”

B didn’t really rhyme “Snuka” with anything in her verse, but if she wanted to reference a high flyer, Jimmy makes more sense than Hunter anyway.

A possible WrestleMania entrance (for something that wouldn’t involve any “Superfly shit”) was also discussed. Cardi said her outfit would be “very skimpy”, and then talked about her walkout and the five-time WWE Women’s champion whose entrance she’d be trying to live up to:

“I feel like my entrance would have to be grand. Like, what’s her name? Melina? Do you remember her? She used to walk in with two guys [Joey Mercury & John Morrison {when he was Johnny Nitro) during their MNM days) and then she would do a whole split on the ropes. She would enter on a split. I have to enter grand like that. She was just crazy.”

We’re not sure any of that will fly in WWE’s PG Era, but Cardi and Nick Khan can has that all out when negotiating her ‘Mania appearance.

Watch Cardi B’s entire Hot Ones interview here.

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