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Shawn Michaels has something very interesting to say about CM Punk’s future with WWE

Big Gold Belt’s YouTube

NXT head honcho Shawn Michaels answered several questions on a call with the media today ahead of NXT’s No Mercy event this Saturday (Sept. 30) night.

HBK started the call by announcing the date and location for NXT’s next premium live event, Deadline, coming up in December:

“Our next NXT premium live event is gonna be Deadline...[it] was unbelievably successful for us last year. And so on December 9th, from Bridgeport, Connecticut, at the Total Mortgage Arena, we’re gonna be bringing Deadline to the NXT universe on a premium live event, live on Peacock.”

With that out of the way, it didn’t take long before Shawn was asked about the possibility of the newly-signed Jade Cargill having a run on the black-and-gold brand before moving up to Raw or SmackDown.

HBK said he’s impressed with Jade and would love to have her on his NXT TV show:

“I certainly understand the buzz...she’s an awesome specimen. She’s just a striking young lady, and such a presence about her. She’s a young lady tailor-made for the WWE, and I think she’s got an incredibly bright future here. Whoever gets here, and look I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d love to have her here in NXT, but wherever she ends up, I have no doubt she’s gonna have great success.”

HBK was also asked if he’d welcome free agent CM Punk in NXT. Michaels enthusiastically endorsed the idea, but said the decision to bring Punk back to WWE is out of his hands:

“Well of course we’d welcome him here in NXT. My guess is he probably would go to the main roster, but I always enjoyed working with Phil.

...I’ve always liked him, and I understand he’s a different kind of cat, and can sometimes be challenging to get along with people. But that’s probably why I like him, ‘cause I suffer from the same thing. But still, obviously that’s for people to decide higher up on the food chain than I am. He’s a guy that does numbers and makes money. I think that would be a risk-reward ratio that I’m sure from a company standpoint they’d have to consider.

But when it comes to would we take him in NXT and have him on our television? Are you kidding me, of course I would! I just don’t think anybody’d let me.”

The final line is open to interpretation, but I think HBK means if Punk signed with WWE, it’s extremely unlikely the plan would be for him to work in NXT.

HBK finished off the Punk answer by suggesting that it’s foolish to say no to a star of his magnitude:

“Well who doesn’t take that kind of star power?”

I guess we’ll find out soon enough if WWE decides to not take that kind of star power. HBK is Triple H’s best friend, so that fact that he is so open and eager to see Punk back in the WWE fold sure is interesting to me.

Does HBK’s response make you think CM Punk is more likely to sign with WWE? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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