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Jade Cargill teases WWE’s big plans while Becky Lynch & Bayley welcome her

Even before her signing was announced yesterday (Sept. 26), we’d heard WWE was making big plans for Jade Cargill.

Some of those plans were probably related to the promotional campaign launched with ESPN’s story about her arrival. That continued with an interview with the man who got that scoop, our old colleague Marc Raimondi.

In their talk, Raimondi tries to get Cargill to reveal whether she’ll spend time in NXT or or debut on the main roster. Jade says she knows the answer to that, but also knows how to use that information...

“It has, and — guess what? Everybody’s gonna have to tune in to every network and see where I’m going. You know, that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to stir the pot and get people guessing where I’m going to be. So just tune in.”

The former AEW TBS champion also artfully dodged questions about how much time she’ll spend training at the Performance Center before WWE’s plans for her kick in. But what she did say again painted her new employer as being a level above her previous one:

“... where else can you go to get the best quality training? Nowhere else. The PC here is one and one, there’s nothing else like it.”

On the subject of dream matches, Cargill describes a showdown with Bianca Belair as “a WrestleMania main event”, telling Raimondi it’s one “that will have people glued to the television screen. Something that will have people buying out stadiums.”

The EST hasn’t commented on Jade’s signing yet, but half of the famed NXT Horsewomen have. Cargill and Bayley had an exchange on X (fka Twitter) last night:

And Becky Lynch was asked if she followed Cargill’s AEW career, and if there’s “intrigue” about someday facing WWE’s big free agent signing, while speaking to The New York Post about her title defense at No Mercy this weekend. The Man replied:

“I watch all the products. I think it’s great. More women with more platforms. I think she has a lot of work to do when she gets here, but if she is willing to do that, just look at her. She’s a star. It’s more people for me to get in the ring with and kick their asses.”

Lynch is facing Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match on the Sept. 30 PLE in Bakersfield, California, which has led more than a few people to speculate Jade could debut by interfering there.

Is that WWE’s plan for Cargill? Or will her career launch on Raw or SmackDown (or next Saturday at Fastlane)?

As Jade says, we’ll just have to tune in to all of those shows to find out.

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