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Tegan Nox gets her chance

When Becky Lynch showed up to Monday Night Raw last week as NXT women’s champion, she made clear she was eager for new challengers, but specified that she was putting an emphasis on the “new” part. It needed to be some fresh blood.

It was a surprise, then, when Natalya hit the scene and cut an impassioned promo about being a 15-year veteran and so on and so forth. She got the title match. She lost.

Then, word came out that Tegan Nox was supposed to be in that spot but a late change left her backstage watching. WWE made up for that this week by, well, outright saying as much:

And then having Nox go to Adam Pearce to campaign for the title match, have Natalya interrupt to complain, and then have the two battle it out to decide who gets next shot. And wouldn’t you know it, Nox won that match too.

Lynch, of course, has a title match scheduled for No Mercy this coming Saturday night against Tiffany Stratton. WWE addressed that, announcing Nox will challenge for the title on Raw next week no matter who emerges victorious.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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