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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 26, 2023): No Mercy go home


Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight’s show from the WWE Performance Center: Carmelo Hayes & Ilja Drgunov will sign the contract for their match at Saturday’s No Mercy PLE, and Women’s champ Becky Lynch speaks on her rematch with Tiffany Stratton at the Sept. 30 event in Bakersfield, California!

Tonight’s card also features Butch vs. Joe Coffey in the finals of the Global Heritage Invitational for a No Mercy shot at Noam Dar & the Heritage Cup, Eddy Thorpe & Dijak in a Strap Match, Gigi Dolin taking on Blair Davenport... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


This unlikely pair, this unlikeable prune. It’s a cream puff wedding of two underachievers and nancy boys are bound, waiting on the weather in the sleeping house, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Joe Coffey vs. Pete “BUTCH” Dunne (Global Heritage Invitational Finals)

Feeling out on the mat turns higher intensity running the ropes and Coffey bowls Dunne over! Pete back on his feet, right hand into Divorce Court, dropping knees across the arm while Gallus freak out at ringside! Stomp to the bicep, diving double knee across the elbow, into an armbar but Mark Coffey distracts referee DA Brewer while Wolfgang gets a cheap shot in!

Springboard from Joe, Pete takes him out with an elbow! Out and back in, German suplex, stomp the hands, buzzsaw roundhouse but Gallus are back on the apron and Brewer throws them out as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Coffey in control, headbutt on the apron, looking for a powerbomb, Dunne reverses into a DDT on the apron! Back inside, Joe with a shoulder thrust, Pete with a boot, an enzuigiri, big lariat from Coffey and both men are down! Dunne grabs an armbar, Joe fights out and hits a powerbomb!

Fired up in the corner, flying shoulder block, off the ropes, All the Best for the Bells... BUTCH WON’T STAY DOWN! Pumphandle...

Pete Dunne wins by pinfall with Bitter End, becoming #1 contender to the NXT Heritage Cup.

Dominik Mysterio is interviewed backstage.

He talks up his successful title defense against Dragon Lee on Monday and says he has a free Saturday to hang out on the couch and eat chicken tenders, with no word of the recently released Mustafa Ali. He’s told that “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels has booked Axiom vs. Tyler Bate vs. Dragon Lee in a triple threat to crown a challenger for Saturday later tonight and he throws a fit and leaves.

Trick Williams makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get footage of the D’Angelo Family dinner for the tag division.

Tony D’Angelo says they’re gonna feed ‘em and then decide who gets to challenge them for the tag titles. Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo arrive first and admit that last time they met, things got out of hand, but they didn’t come here to apologize or to eat, just to get the titles.

Joe Gacy vs. Trick Williams

Williams hot out the gates, lighting Gacy up, blowing past his first attempt to even the odds but a DDT takes him down! Joe with elbows to the back of the neck, test of strength, Trick powers up and rolls away from an elbow drop, boot up on the charge! Trading right hands, body blows from Trick Willy!

Whip across, leg lariat, scoop, float over, into the corner and Gacy clobbers him with a lariat! Handspring countered with a rising knee...

Trick Williams wins by pinfall with a jumping knee strike.

Post-match, Williams is interviewed and claims he’s ambidextrous, he whoops ass with both hands. He says Carmelo Hayes is gonna retain at No Mercy, and now it’s time he goes and gets his own title.

Blair Davenport is interviewed backstage.

She says imitation is flattery but Gigi Dolin is pathetic and the officials have to keep Gigi safe from her.

Baron Corbin makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Andre Chase and Duke Hudson are walking backstage when they run into Jacy Jayne.

Jayne cackles and Chase asks how Thea Hail is doing, and Thea comes out from behind her in a black leather crop top and a lace-up skirt. They are stunned but complimentary, she’s excited and friendly and leaves to get ready for her match, and Jacy says if they like her new look, they’ll love her new ring gear.

Baron Corbin vs. Josh Briggs

Briggs taking it to Corbin from the jump, to the floor and back in and he keeps Baron from cutting him off, running him over with a big boot! Corbin gets a half nelson slam to turn things around, right hands in the ropes, whip across, corner body avalanche! Josh with a back elbow, side slam, splash... NOPE!

Briggs throwing elbows, a boot, Baron clocks him and hits a diving lariat out of the corner! Wristlock...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with the short-arm End of Days.

Post-match, Corbin calls Bron Breakker out and says Saturday he’ll find out if he’s all bark or if he bites.

He’s carving out his future, but Bron just saw his— E. O. D.

Enter Bron Breakker,

He marches in the ring and starts throwing hands, security swarms and pulls them apart and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see Trick Williams walking into “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels’ office.

A hype reel for Tiffany Stratton vs. Becky Lynch follows.

Hank and Tank (Hank Walker & Tank Ledger) vs. Out the Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price)

Working Price over together, Ledger with a nearfall but Lucien tags out and Nima chokes Tank in the ropes. Quick tags, working him over, he gets away, Walker tags in and cleans house! Stinger Splash, whip across, scoop and Snake Eyes! Pump kick takes Bronco off his feet, tag back to Ledger!

Scoop him up, SCRYPTS gets involved, some quick thinking, tag to Price...

Out the Mud win by pinfall with an assisted Alabama Slam, earning a spot at the D’Angelo Family’s table tonight.

We see Gigi Dolin warming up backstage when the lights go out and sounds of a struggle play.

When the lights come back up, Blair Davenport is standing over her and calls her pathetic.

Donovan Dijak and Eddy Thorpe are walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a media hype reel for Elimination Chamber being in Australia next year.

We go back to the D’Angelo Family dinner and Stacks asks about Garza and Carrillo’s tattoos, which they explain are in honor of their grandfather and about going after the tag titles.

The Creed Brothers roll up and Brutus is starving, to which Tony says he had them cook up double spicy meat-a-balls for him. Julius is all business and they say nothing’s been decided yet. Brutus asks if anybody died of food poisoning here, D’Angelo says that was down the street and Stacks tells him OTM are OTW.

Axiom and Tyler Bate are hanging out in the locker room talking about how much they respect each other ahead of their #1 contender’s match.

Trick Williams rolls up to tell them he’s been added to the match and he’ll see them out there.

Donovan Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe (Strap Match)

A copy/paste error lost the first part of the match but as you might expect it was Thorpe coming out the gates hot and then Dijak overpowering him.

Back from commercial, Dijak is choking him with the strap, Thorpe pulls it down for some relief and breaks away into a Cactus Clothesline! Tall Don chokeslams him into the apron! Whipping Eddy right in front of his family (who are almost all wearing Karl Fredericks merch, to my gentle amusement), Dijak throws him back inside!

Thorpe fired up and whipping him like mad! Dragging Dijak into the corner, he wraps the strap around his arm... DIVING ELBOW DOES IT!

Eddy Thorpe wins by pinfall with a strap-assisted diving elbow drop.

Post-match, a bloodied Dijak beats Thorpe down, superkicking im off the turnbuckles and tying him by the ankles to the top rope! Tall Don grabs the white belt he whipped the tree with and whips Eddy until referees swarm to pull him away!

Jacy Jayne is waiting outside the locker room to see Thea Hail in her new ring gear and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for the Continental.

Blair Davenport steals the headset off Vic Joseph’s head to cut a promo on Gigi Dolin, having taken her out of action tonight.

Dani Palmer vs. Thea Hail

Hail looking for a half-crab, Palmer fights out, Thea kicks her aside. Dani with a side headlock takeover, Hail posts up to her feet, reverses into a top wristlock, a series of takeovers and a splash to the arm! Back to the top wristlock, Palmer rolls out into an arm drag, la casadora arm drag, big tijeras!

Off the ropes, tijeras of her own, armbar takedown from Hail! Dani takes her down with a lariat, dropkick follows, Scorpion Kick, up top, nobody home on the corkscrew moonsault! Thea catches her...

Thea Hail wins by submission with the double wristlock.

Backstage, Trick Williams is excited to share his first opportunity at a title shot with Carmelo Hayes, but Melo isn’t listening because he’s got so much on his plate. Trick tells him to handle it while he has his own business, and only after he walks away does Hayes realize he’s let his friend down.

Dragon Lee makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Baron Corbin cuts a promo on his way out of the building about how Bron Breakker is getting his ass whipped on Saturday, and Bron predictably charges down and attacks him, leading to security pulling them apart.

Axiom vs. Dragon Lee vs. Trick Williams vs. Tyler Bate (NXT North American Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Explosive to start, Axiom and Lee clear the ring, back and forth with each other, arm drag into a dropkick keeping Dragon off-balance! Lee sends him to the floor, off the ropes, tope con giro into the crush! Back inside, Williams with a crab on Dragon, Bate has a Fujiwara armbar, Axiom grabs a sleeper hold on Trick!

The contraption falls apart, Williams clobbering dudes left and right! Double flapjack on Axiom and Tyler sends us to break!

Back from commercial, German suplex takes Bate out, Axiom with a lucha arm drag / headscissors takeover on the other two, Tyler back up, whip across, Axiom takes him and Trick down with a lariat! Lee with a Liger Bomb on Bate but the other two break it up!

Double Rock Bottom from Williams, only two! Tyler reverses a suplex into a DDT, airplane spin on Lee, block a kick from Axiom, combination airplane spin / giant swing from the Big Strong Boy! German suplex on Dragon, rebound lariat for Williams, cover, Axiom breaks it up and hits a flip piledriver on Lee!

Williams with a pop-up uppercut, Axiom caught with a superkick by Dragon, Lee’s fired up! Axiom and Dragon up top... AVALANCHE SPANISH FLY BUT DRAGON LEE KICKS OUT! Asai DDT, Trick breaks it up, headbutt, he falls off the ropes...

Trick Williams wins by accidental pinfall on Axiom, becoming #1 contender to the NXT North American Championship.

We back to the D’Angelo Family dinner right in time for Out the Mud to show up.

Tony has a crack about getting a booster seat for SCRYPTS but he waves it off with a joke about bringing cheese for these rats. They take their seat and Humberto Carrillo cuts to the chase, asking which team gets the shot. The Creeds snipe with them, OTM make the case for new blood in the division.

Tony snaps his fingers and a buncha guys come out to stand behind them. It’s high risk, but D’Angelo says he wants all of them and if they don’t like it, here’s the door. Nobody leaves and they toast to make it official, a fatal four-way at No Mercy.

Dominik Mysterio is interviewed backstage.

He’s not impressed at Shawn Michaels throwing him a curveball and says he’s gonna whoop that Trick just like he whooped Dragon Lee, who he thanks for the black eye.

Lee runs in and lays him out with a kick before referees pull him away!

Carmelo Hayes is walking backstage when Trick Williams catches him up with him.

They celebrate and Hayes says they’re gonna both walk out with gold on Saturday, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a cryptic video package of someone flipping channels and settling on WCW Saturday Night.

Ilja Dragunov makes his entrance for our contract signing, followed by Carmelo Hayes.

Hayes says there’s nothing left to say and they should just sign the contract and get out of here. Dragunov says he’s the wrong man for the NXT Championship, but Melo says that sounds a lot like Ilja at Great American Bash. He didn’t plan for it to go down like that, but it was what it was.

Now, he’s walking into No Mercy knowing that he’s going to beat Dragunov, and he will beat him. Ilja says Hayes struggles outside of his comfort zone, and at No Mercy he’ll feel unbearable pain. Melo admits he struggled but only for a minute and then he checked himself.

You wanna talk about unbearable pain, that’s Dragunov believing his own hype when everyone knows he lost at Great American Bash. Ilja says deep inside Carmelo knows he got beat and he will not stop until his destiny is fulfilled. He asks what you do when you throw everything you have at him and he doesn’t stay down?

What do you do when you shoot your best shot and miss? Hayes says the reality of being champion isn’t about how much pain you can endure or the veins you can pop out of your head, it’s about being undeniable, it’s about being HIM.

Ilja signs the contract and slams it down in front of Hayes, telling him he’ll do nothing because there’s nothing he can do, and Dragunov is done letting destiny slip through his fingers. He wants to push him past his limits? Great, because he’ll find a night he can’t forget for the rest of his life.

And when he’s crowned the new NXT Champion, he’ll realize the dynasty is fallen, long live the Czar!

Hayes signs the contract and squares up with him. He wants Ilja to know that the title is bigger than either of them, and when he carries the title, it’s a beacon of hope for kids like him, and he does think Dragunov can carry the title and all that responsibility, but he absolutely can’t do it better than he does.

Melo holds the title up as they stare at each other.

Vic Joseph says he just got news from “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels that Dragon Lee is the special guest referee in the North American Championship match at No Mercy.

We cut to Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker, still fighting in the parking lot. Breakker throws Corbin into a car, referees try and fail to talk him down, Baron manages to climb in the passenger door but Bron attacks! Corbin sidesteps... BRON CHARGES THROUGH THE DOOR!

Baron beats him down against the fender, Breakker smashes him into a garage door and slams him on the hood of the car! Climbing up on the hood, Corbin hits him in the gentleman’s area... CHOKESLAM INTO THE ROOF OF THE CAR BUT BRON SITS RIGHT UP AND GRABS A SLEEPER HOLD!

Baron fights him off, Breakker rams him into the door again, Corbin ducks back in the building, but Bron is right behind him! Baron throws a fire extinguisher at him, Bron ducks, and they fall through the wall into Shawn Michaels’ office! More referees, security, and staff (including an Oney Lorcan sighting!) try to pull them apart as we go off air.

That’s the show, folks.

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