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Grayson Waller has a message for ‘Dwayne’ amidst talk The Rock could work WWE Australia show

No one is going on record to say he will work next year’s Elimination Chamber, but there is speculation Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could possibly work WWE’s just-announced stadium show in Perth, Australia on Feb. 24, 2024.

That seems to be coming from outlets in Australia — like this from Perth tabloid The West Australian yesterday (Sept. 24):

Since the show will happen in his home country, and the chatter seems to be emanating from there, it makes sense Grayson Waller would chime in. The Sydney lad didn’t interact with The Rock during his surprise appearance on SmackDown a couple weeks, but they did trade social media shots in the run-up to SummerSlam a couple months back.

He wasn’t going to miss a chance here:

Waller’s not only using this to plug Elimination Chamber. He’s also worked in a reference to rumors (spurred on by Johnson himself) that he could show at WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia on April 6-7.

As far as what Grayson & Dwayne might get up to, Waller recently told Cheap Heat’s Peter Rosenberg that he wants to test his mic skills against The Great One.:

“... I always look at [his in-show talk show] ‘The Waller Effect’ like, obviously, it’s an entertainment product. You know, I like having the show, I like saying mean things to people.

“But I see it as a test for myself because I like to test myself against the best because that’s how I’m gonna get better. So having someone like Cody Rhodes on the show, who’s very good on the microphone. John Cena on the show. This is me testing myself. And I want to see where I’m at. And I think The Rock is the best. So that would be a great test for Grayson Waller to see where I’m at, you know, and I feel 100% I can compete and maybe even roll over him, which not many people can say they can do.”

Of course, with the writer’s strike all-but-officially over and the actors expected to get a deal soon, guys like DJ and John Cena’s schedules might soon once again be too busy for WWE.

Can’t blame Waller for trying to cook up some business, though.

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