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‘Jaida Parker’ is not Jade Cargill

And other things we learned from WWE NXT’s latest house show.

When WWE’s latest batch of trademarks (their first application since they became a branch of TKO Group Holdings) hit the web, there some speculation that one of them — “Jaida Parker” — could be the name given to former AEW star Jade Cargill when/if she signs with WWE.

Serious or not, it didn’t take long for that rumor to get shot down. At NXT’s house show in Fort Pierce, Florida last night (Sept. 22), former LSU soccer player Tiana Caffey wrestled as “Jaida Parker”. That’s her on the right, before her loss to Dana Brooke’s former protege Kelani Jordan:

Caffey has also updated her Instagram to reflect her new WWE name, and has posted about debuting under the new name (she’s worked a handful of other matches under her real name) in her Stories:

What else did we learn? Despite rumors to the contrary and lingering questions about his amateur wrestling future, Gable Steveson’s NXT career continues. He was in the main event of the latest Coconut Loop show, teaming with The Creeds to defeat his brother (Damon Kemp), Charlie Dempsey & Myles Borne:

The Miami Herald’s Jim Varsallone also posted on X that Steveson’s fellow Olympic gold medalist Tamyra Mensah Stock (who signed with WWE back in May) was in the crowd last night.

And, Arianna Grace’s comeback continues. Santino Marella’s daughter had her fourth match since returning from the injury that sidelined her about this time last year. Grace lost to Roxanne Perez.

Here are all the results from Sept. 23 in Fort Pierce, courtesy of

• Axiom def. Luca Crusifino

• Kelani Jordan def. Jaida Parker

• Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo def. Riley Osborne

• Hank Walker & Tank Ledger def. Tavion Heights & Andrezj Hughes-Murray

• Ivy Nile (w/ The Creed Brothers) def. Izzy Dame

• Eddy Thorpe def. Scrypts (w/ Bronco Nima & Lucien Price)*

• Roxanne Perez def. Arianna Grace

• Edris Enofe & Malik Blade def. Boa & Dante Chen

• Gigi Dolin def. Lola Vice

• Gable Steveson & The Creed Brothers def. Damon Kemp, Charlie Dempsey & Myles Borne

NXT has another house show tonight in Orlando.

* No word on if this act was referred to as “OTM” or “Out The Mud”, both terms WWE filed trademarks on at the same time as “Jaida Parker” and that (unlike the Cargill speculation) there’s an actual reason to believe they’ll be used for Scrypts, Nima & Price.

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