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Montez Ford got asked about CM Punk coming back to WWE

Here’s what he said.

Wrestlers won’t decide whether WWE offers a contract to CM Punk. But considering how — regardless of who was right and who was wrong — his time in AEW featured multiple beefs with other talent, it would probably be prudent for Triple H, Nick Khan & whoever else is making the decision to check the roster’s temperature on the lightning rod free agent.

Fortunately for them, wrestling podcasters are already doing some of that work for them.

The latest is Montez Ford, who was asked about Punk during an appearance on FOX Sports Radio’s The Happy Hour earlier this week. Here’s what Tez said he’d tell his bosses if asked about his fellow Chicagoan:

“If they asked my opinion on it, I’m so open to every single aspect, talent in the world, whether they come from all walks of life, because I feel like everyone has something to bring to the table. Believe it or not, whether people love this individual or not — and this goes for any WWE Superstar, if they’re generating buzz, if they’re generating topics, if they’re generating people talking — I think that’s all good for business.

“Obviously, I’d love to be the person to always welcome someone back with great arms. So if he wants to make his way back this way, I guess we can have a battle and see who is the best person from Chicago.”

To my knowledge, other than the Second City one, there’s no connection between Ford and Punk. But even so, it does sound like the Street Profit is a lot more open to Punk in WWE than another guy from the midwest...

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