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Matt Cardona has a special message for all the wrestlers who were just fired by WWE

WWE fired at least 20 wrestlers or prospects today, in what has been described as expected budget cuts following the company’s recent merger with UFC.

Matt Cardona used to wrestle as Zack Ryder in WWE, and he knows all too well what it feels like when the company crushes its workers dreams in such a cold manner.

With that in mind, Matt sent out the following message on social media to everyone who was just released by WWE:


This can be the END of your career…

Or it can be the BEGINNING……

Look yourself in the mirror and decide.

I promise you the work and the MONEY is out there.

It’s not easy. It’s a grind. It’s a hustle. It’s frustrating…

But it also can be incredibly rewarding (in more ways than one) IF YOU WORK YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF!

I hope to see a lot of you down the road.”

Cardona has worked his ass off to become an indy god after being fired by WWE in 2020, so he’s passing on advice of what has worked well for him during his post-WWE wrestling career.

What do you think of his encouraging message, Cagesiders?

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