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Elias reacts to WWE release, admits he was Ezekiel the whole time

Ezekiel’s Instagram

Elias is one of the more prominent wrestlers fired by WWE earlier today, apparently as part of the company’s budget cuts related to its recent merger with UFC.

The Drifter reacted to the news of his release with the following walk down memory lane on social media:

“From Drifting onto the scene.. To WrestleMania with John Cena & The Undertaker.. To Millions around the world for years Walking With Elias.. A #1 ITunes Album & To being my own younger brother (ZEKE) while traveling the world.. It’s been a blast. God is Good!”

The most noteworthy thing about Elias’ response, of course, is the very surprising revelation that he was actually his brother Ezekiel all along. What the hell?

I feel like the dumbest ass right now. Kevin Owens and my colleague Sean Rueter were right the whole time about Elias’ campaign of lies. I just can’t figure out how they saw through his disguise, or how Elias managed to keep it a secret this whole time. It doesn’t seem possible.

Maybe he’s working me with this tweet? Yeah, I think that has to be it. He’s probably just saying this to give Ezekiel more privacy while he remains in a coma following Kevin Owens’ heinous attack that ended Zeke’s WWE career. Elias is always mindful of what’s best for his brothers, after all.

What do you make of Elias’ reaction, Cagesiders?

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