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Triple H thanks Paul Giamatti & Team ‘Billions’ after guest appearance

Even before it made Becky Lynch into “Becky Billions” back in 2020, Showtime’s long-running drama Billions was peppered with pro wrestling references.

Credit that to series co-creator Brian Koppelman, and give an assist to series regular Dan Soder — both of whom are long-time fans of our beloved pastime. They’re not who Triple H thanked for his cameo role on the latest episode of Billions (the sixth of its seventh and final season, entitled “The Man In The Olive Drab T-Shirt”), but The Game didn’t share a scene with them. The bulk of Hunter’s screen time was with Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades, where he somewhat awkwardly talked double turns with the United States Attorney for New York’s Southern District.

It was all part of a scheme to get John Malkovich’s Russian oligarch Grigor Andolov back into the country as a favor to Rhoade’s returning rival Bobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis. It’s a lot to explain if you’re not a regular Billions-watcher, but just know that Malkovich later says he’s ready to do the turn “like Andre in ‘87”.

Haitch, who makes one more brief appearance later in the episode, shared a portion of that clip on social media while thanking his scene-partner — and everyone else involved in making his guest appearance happen — in a post on X:

The art of the double turn. Easy to explain, not so easy to pull off…

Thank you to the incredible Paul Giamatti and everyone at @SHO_Billions for letting me show them how to play the game.

Big pop.

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