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John Cena endorses LA Knight after win over The Miz

John Cena announced on Friday Night SmackDown this week that he would be the special guest host of Payback tonight (Sat., Sept. 2, 2023) in Pittsburgh. But what exactly would that entail?

As it turns out, he decided to make the night special by inserting himself into the LA Knight vs. The Miz match as its special guest referee.

Cena made clear he was no fan of Miz, but he played it down the middle when it was time to keep Knight from going to far outside the rules. They even teased a bit of a thing between the two early on:

The match was clear cut from there, a straight forward exchange that saw Knight come out on top with Blunt Force Trauma and a fair three count from Cena.

Up on the stage, Cena gave Knight the endorsement with a shake of the hand and raising his arm.

“Your moment,” he said as he walked away.


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