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Vince McMahon, Ari Emanuel reportedly help lead WWE post-layoffs all hands meeting

TKO Listing Day Photo by Michelle Farsi/Zuffa LLC

We’d heard WWE planned to hold a meeting today (Sept. 19) with the employees who remain at their new Stamford, Connecticut headquarters after last week’s post acquisition/merger layoffs. That meeting apparently happened this morning, and PWInsider has some notes on what was covered.

The 12-15 session was attended by Endeavor & TKO Group CEO Ari Emanuel, TKO’s Executive Chairman Vince McMahon, and WWE President Nick Khan. All three men addressed the attendees.

Sources told Insider’s Mike Johnson this was a “rah rah” meeting, not surprising considering reports of low morale following last week’s cuts (which as all of us who’ve been through a similar staff reduction know is normal in situations like this one). Johnson also says he heard that “Emanuel, Khan and McMahon all praised each other”, which probably didn’t do much to motivate the team. The trio of executives also talked up the success of merging WWE with UFC as TKO, and of WWE as a whole.

At least the employees can take some pride in that last one while listening to a millionaire and two billionaires put themselves over.

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