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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 19, 2023): Dom vs. Melo, champ vs. champ

Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight’s show from the WWE Performance Center: NXT champion Carmelo Hayes going one-on-one with North American champ “Dirty” Dom Mysterio!

Tonight’s card also feature the start of Becky Lynch’s reign as NXT Women’s titleholder, and Lolo Vice looking to make a statement heading into this year’s Women’s Breakout Tournament when she takes on last year’s winner, Roxanne Perez! Plus, the Global Heritage Invitational continues with Tyler Bate & Butch renewing acquaintances in Group A action while Duke Hudson looks to take down Group B leader Joe Coffey. And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


On the news at night, they talk about the disappearances. They interview the people who were witnesses. Most are shocked, some don’t care, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of Becky Lynch winning the NXT Women’s Championship last week.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She talks about coming back to NXT and says she’ll bring the fight every damn night and it doesn’t matter the name, the game is the same. She calls Gigi Dolin, Elektra Lopez, Thea Hail, Roxanne Perez, Ivy Nile, Natalya, and Jacy Jayne out in rhyme.

Tiffy Time is over, she continues, but Stratton hung with her and pushed her to her limit, and for that she gets her rematch whenever she wants it. She may be an idiot and an asshole, but she is—

Enter Tiffany Stratton.

She says she’s heard enough and she appreciates the flowers but did she really think the rematch was going to be optional? She’s getting a rematch, she deserves a rematch, and she knows Becky is the number one girl, but she’s Tiffany Stratton and she’s going to win her title back.

Big Time vs. Tiffy Time round two, tonight! Except it’s not happening because she wants her rematch on a bigger stage, and she says she wants it at No Mercy! Lynch says she can have it, but the result will be the same, and not because Tiffany isn’t good enough, but because she’s not hungry enough.

It comes down to who wants it more, and even now after ten years, Becky says she wants it more. Stratton says she should be thanking her because if her name never came out of her mouth, she’d be driving to the nearest retirement home to find another Hall of Famer to beat for more clout.

Lynch says she’s a better fighter than a talker so how about they go punch for punch right now? Becky attacks, Kiana James has Tiffany’s back and they put boots to the Man! Lynch gets hands on a chair and fights them off!

The D’Angelo Family are chatting about who should be their next challengers. They say they’re gonna offer all the worthy contenders a seat at the table and they’ll have some of Uncle Cesare’s tortellini.

They decide to invite the Creed Brothers, Garza and Carrillo, but there’s only one seat left at the table so they decide to let Nima and Price and Walker and Ledger fight it out for it.

Ilja Dragunov is interviewed backstage.

He says he’s gonna beat Carmelo Hayes, but in the meantime he’ll be watching the champion vs. champion match tonight.

Becky Lynch rolls up and challenges Stratton and James to a handicap match in the main event, tonight.

Meta-Four are doing a Matrix bit for some reason, in long black coats, and Noam Dar, in a gravelly American voice, says red pill or blue, it doesn’t matter, he’ll still be champion.

(Sidebar, remember that Premarin is a red pill and was the main prescribed form of estrogen in the 90s when the Wachowskis— two at-the-time closeted trans women— wrote the Matrix. It’s all part of the allegory, baby!)

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Dominik Mysterio rolls up on Trick Williams.

Williams tells him he sucks all the positive energy out of the room, but Dom says he’s glad he ran into him and he knows how he feels, living in a shadow. Trick says he doesn’t live in a shadow, Mysterio tries to sell him on what he can do for himself, and Williams says they’re not from the same place.

Nothing and no one will drive a wedge between Trick-Melo Gang, and Dom laughs and says he used to say the same thing about his deadbeat dad.

Pete “BUTCH” Dunne (3) vs. Tyler Bate (4) (Global Heritage Invitational Group A Match)

Collar and elbow, struggling, Dunne with a wristlock, Bate grabs a side headlock, but Pete takes him down to the mat, kneeling armbar and he bends the wrist back and slaps his palm a few times! Looking for Bop and Bang, Dunne cuts him off with a slap, Tyler fired up, side headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, drop down, Bop and Bang connects this time, cover for two!

Bate with some fancy grappling and Dunne just steps on his foot and clocks him with a right hook! Tyler with a knee, Pete cuts him out of midair with an elbow, no fall! Stomping Bate’s ankle, drawing him up, chop into the collarbone, BUTCH climbs up top but Tyler cuts him off. Jockeying for position... SUPERPLEX!

Cover for two and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Dunne raining forearms down on the side of Bate’s head, Tyler barely able to protect himself! Looking for Crash Landing, Bate has it scouted, standing shooting star press, back suplex... NOPE! Underhooks, Tyler Driver ‘97 countered into a triangle, elbows to stagger Tyler!

Bate counters with an airplane spin, turning it into a Death Valley Driver... STILL NO! Dragon suplex from Dunne as we get a time limit warning, Tyler Driver reversed, Pete hits one of his own... BATE KICKS OUT OF HIS OWN FINISH! Pumphandle, reversed into a DDT!

Tyler with a pumphandle, a Bitter End of his own... DUNNE KICKS OUT OF HIS OWN FINISH! Off the ropes, Bate hits his rebound lariat, goes up top, corkscrew senton atomico... THE KNEES ARE UP! BITTER END CONNECTS BUT STILL TYLER BATE WILL NOT STAY DOWN! BUTCH fired up, pumphandle... FIRE THUNDER! IT’S OVER!

Pete “BUTCH” Dunne wins by pinfall with Fire Thunder, earning two points and winning Group A and moving onto the finals.

We see footage of Jacy Jayne taking Thea Hail shopping earlier today.

Hail is preoccupied with not being a kid anymore and Jacy throws a pile of clothes at her. We get a fashion show full of bustiers and exposed midriffs and leather, but we don’t get to see Hail’s favorite outfit of the bunch just yet.

Duke Hudson makes his entrance and we go to break.

Duke Hudson (2) vs. Joe Coffey (4) (Global Heritage Invitational Group B Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, stalemating, Coffey grabs a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block! Hudson with a headlock of his own, shoulder block of his own, both men charging at each other and bouncing off! Duke swats a lariat aside and body blocks Joe before snapping a tijeras off!

Coffey with shoulder blocks in the corner, body blows, Hot Shot connects! Front kick into stomps, short whips into the corner follow and he punctuates it with a backbreaker for a nearfall! Hudson blocking punches and throwing his own back, standing jabs, Flip, Flop, & Fly attempt but Joe bails to the floor and rams him into the apron!

Smashing him into the apron, back inside, missile dropkick! German suplex follows, pounce into the corner, off the ropes, Duke thinks fast...

Duke Hudson wins by pinfall with a schoolboy, earning two points and leaving Group B on a three-way tie.

Nathan Frazer is interviewed backstage and says there’ll have to a triple threat next week, but he’s then told the match will actually happen tonight, so he runs off to get ready.

Roxanne Perez makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get an update via social media from Robert Stone on Von Wagner, saying he’s not doing well but he appreciates the well-wishes.

Lola Vice vs. Roxanne Perez

Perez in control early, fancy grappling into a European Clutch but Vice kicks out and returns the favor with a pin of her own! Kick to the ribs to cut Roxanne off, she grabs a knucklelock, step up, Lola shoves her down to the apron! Superkick connects, shoulder armbreaker, arm wringer, Vice in control!

Axe kick to the shoulder, standing Ode to Jim Breaks and back into the Penta armbreaker but Perez gets the ropes! Vice posts her, omoplata applied, wrenching it in, elbows ot the back of the head but Roxanne is defiant! Perez rolls through, Lola has wrist control, trading strikes, hard whip to the corner!

Roxanne knocks her down and climbs to the second, diving Lou Thesz Press into windmill punches! Shotgun dropkick, kip-up, arm hanging limp but she’s fired up! Charging uppercut into mounted punches, bending Lola back over the turnbuckles but she slips under and puts her arm into the turnbuckles!

Arm wringer, duck a kick, Pop Rox denied, back to the omoplata! Perez reverses....

Roxanne Perez wins by pinfall, reversing an omoplata into a pinning predicament.

We see Carmelo Hayes and Dominik Mysterio walking backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a media hype reel for the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Eddy Thorpe gets a video package where he checks out the tree that Donovan Dijak whipped last week and promises to show him the merciless Indian savage deep down inside of him, in a strap match!

Roxanne Perez meets with Becky Lynch backstage and offers to tag with her in the main event tonight, but Lynch tells her to get her shoulder looked at and she’ll be fine out there.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Dominik Mysterio

Ilja Dragunov is on commentary for this one.

Mysterio out the gates with punches, he grabs the NXT Championship and admires it, taking a bit too long because Hayes comes from behind and hammers him with punches! Whip reversed, duck the lariat, springboard crossbody!

All that was before the bell, now Melo fires off a series of dropkicks, passing Dominik into the turnbuckles, snapmare sets up a kick but Mysterio bails to the floor! Hayes meets him, brawling, but Dom Hot Shots him into the barricade! Back inside, Carmelo with a nearfall and Mysterio bails to the floor for a breather as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Dominik has a reverse chinlock in, grinding Hayes down. Carmelo tries to fight out but Mysterio cuts him down with a mat slam and grabs a quick cover. Three Amigos reversed into a Final Cut and both men are down and out! Hayes takes him into the corner and hammers him with punches, pumphandle back suplex into a folding press, only two!

Dominik with a DDT for two of his own, drop toehold sets him up, 619 connects! Melo cuts him off with a Codebreaker, up top, Mysterio cuts him off and action goes back to the floor! Hayes throws him into Dragunov at ringside! Dom returns the favor and then slaps Ilja before going back inside, Dragunov attacks...

The match goes to a no-contest, presumably.

Ilja beats Mysterio down and drops a forearm on him hard! Fired up... TORPEDO MOSKAU ON HAYES! Dragon Lee comes down and lays Mysterio out, holding the title up over him!

Trick Williams is backstage when what’s left of the Schism roll up top talk to him.

He doesn’t want to hear it and he says that’s not loneliness, it’s olive oil, and just because he’s decided to be his own man, it doesn’t mean he’s alone. Joe Gacy tries to sell him on coming with them, he thinks about it and says he’s seen this movie before and he knows how it ends.

Gacy gives a parting shot and they leave Trick to think.

Duke Hudson is in the locker room with Andre Chase.

Chase tells him he has to go out there and win Group B, but Duke is gasping for air and intimidated by his opponents. Andre asks him who the MVP is and gives him a pep talk that seems to work.

Nathan Frazer makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, SCRYPTS, Bronco Nima, and Lucien Price are playing dice in an alley, collecting a big pile of money.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger are interviewed backstage.

They say Bronco and Lucien are powerful dudes, and they have an opportunity in their sights and that means it’s time to set the games aside. They haven’t missed many meals but they didn’t come here to eat, they came here to feast on the tag division, and they’ll have no problem working up an appetite.

Duke Hudson (4) vs. Joe Coffey (4) vs. Nathan Frazer (4) (Global Heritage Invitational Group B Tiebreaker Match)

Hudson with elbows on Coffey, Frazer with a dropkick, elbow for Duke, up and over, crawl under Joe, blast him with a dropkick too! Elbow cuts Hudson off, run the ropes, Coffey takes Nathan out with a crossbody and smashes his head into the mat! Frazer floats over a suplex, enzuigiri sends Joe to the floor, off the ropes, but Duke cuts him off with a pop-up drop for two!

Putting boots to Nathan in the ropes, Joe hangs Hudson’s neck in the ropes and they trade lariats without budging. Body blows for elbows, Coffey in control and striking on both of them until Duke fires up back to his feet. Frazer off the ropes, double dropkick sends both of them to the floor!

Suicide dive follows, back inside, Hudson with a big Rock Bottom out of the corner but Joe crotches him on the post after as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Coffey in control and holding court, Frazer cutting him down with punches but Joe scoops him and slams him! Shove into the corner, Hudson cuts him off, schoolboy almost does it a second time! Side slam follows it up, still no! Nathan with a superkick, quebrada inverted DDT... NOT ENOUGH!

A little back and forth, another superkick for Coffey, Hudson slides in and German suplexes Frazer! Joe with a waistlock, Duke boots him down, scoops Nathan up, Bossman Slam... SO CLOSE! Back up for a second, bigger Bossman Slam, but Coffey breaks it up!

Frazer with a spike Frankensteiner on Hudson, Phoenix Splash connects, Joe takes him out of the ring...

Joe Coffey wins by pinfall with All the Best for the Bells on Duke Hudson, winning Group B.

Backstage, Mustafa Ali is interviewed.

He’s upset at the lack of uproar at being denied his title shot for the NXT North American Championship and Dragon Lee being given the match on Raw. He asks how it makes sense for guys he beat to get title matches before him and neither man deserves to hold the title.

Dominik is a criminal, Dragon is a liar, and he’s gonna deal with both of them, next week on Raw.

Backstage, Kiana James is getting ready when Tiffany Stratton rolls up.

They talk about how they pushed each other and they might not be friends, but they both despise Becky Lynch and are gonna do some serious damage to her and decide who gets to be the next NXT Women’s Champion. Stratton promises a surprise for Becky and they walk off together.

Becky Lynch leaves her locker room to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Josh Briggs is mad at Fallon Henley for letting Myles Borne stab them in the back, Brooks Jensen makes a half-hearted attempt to play peacemaker and Baron Corbin rolls up.

Corbin says this isn’t high school and to shut up and let him enjoy his massage.

Briggs talks some trash, Baron squares up with him.

Carmelo Hayes is interviewed on his way out of the arena and he says Ilja acts like he already has the title but he’s gonna knock him down again at No Mercy and next week, he’ll let him know where he stands.

Commentary hypes up next week’s show for us.

Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James & Tiffany Stratton

James and Stratton attack Lynch from behind in the aisle during her entrance! They roll her in the ring and continue to put boots to her as referee Darryl Sharma tries to gain some semblance of order, but here comes Lyra Valkyria to even the odds! The babyfaces run the heels off!

They try to take a walk but Becky and Lyra cut them off on the stage and the brawl continues and we finally get a bell! Exploder suplex from Lynch, Valkyria gets on the apron and it’s officially a tag team match! Lynch smashing James’ face into the turnbuckles over and over, throwing her into the corner for a tag from Stratton!

Tiffany waves her off but Becky comes over and pulls her into the ring, taking it to her, Dis-Arm-Her countered! Off the ropes, counter the stomp, into the corner, Stinger Splash and a tag from Valkyria! Double whip, drop down, leg drop, cover for two! Arm wringer, Tiffany blocks with a forearm, tag to Kiana.

Drop toehold from Lyra, side headlock, shot off, Becky in, X-Factor for two! Heels sent to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, heels working Lynch over in the corner, Becky powers out with elbows but James trips her up and takes her back into the corner! Boot up, duck the handspring back elbow from Stratton, Kiana tries and fails to cut her off, tag made! Valkyria in hot with lariats and kicks, duck lariats, springboard crossbody takes them both out!

Enzuigiri, kick combo, axe kick, bridging northern lights but Tiffany breaks it up! Heels try and fail to turn the tide, stereo guillotine leg drops in the ropes from the babyfaces... NOPE! James with clubbing blows, Lyra lands on her feet, Stratton trips her up and Becky comes over to try and even the score but just gets posted!

Elevated powerbomb from Kiana, Tiffany tags in, senton atomico... LYNCH BREAKS IT UP! Tag to Becky, missile dropkick takes James off her feet, inverted DDT / DDT combo on both of them, only two! Dis-Arm-Her applied, Kiana’s got nowhere to go, Lynch repositions and she escapes!

Kick sends her into a tag, Manhandle Slam, Valkyria off the top...

Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria win by pinfall with a diving splash from Valkyria on Kiana James.

Post-match, Stratton hits the ring with a steel chair and wallops Lynch over and over, standing over her with the title in hand!

She drops the belt on Becky’s fallen body.

Lynch recovers and gets on the mic and says at No Mercy it’ll be an Extreme Rules match!

That’s the show, folks.

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