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John Cena reflects on the moment he shared with The Rock on WWE SmackDown

As you’ve probably heard by now, there was some unexpected star power on SmackDown last night (Sept. 15). There was also a big name who was announced for the show in Denver, and for a brief moment the surprise superstar ran into the one we knew would be there.

His appearance with Pat McAfee in the opening segment was electrifying, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did more than just pop the crowd, infuriate the FOX censors, layeth the smacketh downeth on Austin Theory, and keep the WWE creative team on their toes when he ran long.

The Great One also ran into a man he main event-ed two WrestleManias with.

Like he will be for every SmackDown until the end of October, John Cena was advertised for Friday’s show at Ball Arena. The two members of the Fast & Furious family teased a little of the kayfabe and shoot tension that existed between them during their 2011-2013 rivalry, but ultimately hugged it out as Cena welcomed Rocky home.

The 16 time WWE World champ reflected on his moment with the 10 time one this morning:

Pretty cool stuff. Doesn’t seem like a trilogy match is in the cards*, but maybe they’ll make the Survivor Series 2011 promotion as big a lie as WrestleMania 28’s “Once in a Lifetime”...


* But don’t rule on a Jakob Toretto/Luke Hobbs showdown on the silver screen.

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