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Nick Khan explains why LA Knight isn’t the next John Cena

Because there’s only one John Cena, and there’s never a ‘next’ anybody. WWE is excited about the Megastar because he’s the one and only LA Knight (YEAH).

During Nick Khan’s wide-ranging appearance on The Bill Simmons Show, the host asked WWE’s President if he agreed that the company is in a boom period when it comes to creating stars.

Simmons name-dropped LA Knight to back up his case, and Khan’s response includes recognition that the Megastar is over with WWE fans in a big way. It also sheds some light into the former talent agent’s thought process when it comes to the proverbial next big thing in wrestling, or for his new colleagues at UFC, or just about anything:

“We think so [that WWE is doing well creating new stars].

“You mentioned LA Knight. I think what’s proven in combat sports is the next one never looks like the last one. You see folks — WWE included, you get a John Cena, and part of the thought is, ‘We just need to find the next John Cena.’ There is no next John Cena. The next one never looks like the last one.

“If you look at UFC, same thing. When you saw Conor McGregor, a megastar in terms of marketability. Darren Till came around and it was ‘Darren Till is going to be the next Conor McGregor.’ There is never going to be a next Conor McGregor. If you look at boxing, when everyone was looking for the next Muhammad Ali, it didn’t look like Ali, it was Sugar Ray Leonard. When it was the next Ray Leonard, it didn’t look like Ray Leonard, it looked like Mike Tyson. An entity can be fixated on, ‘This is our next so and so,’ I’ve never seen it work.

“LA Knight is the first LA Knight, and that’s part of why we think he’s resonated.”

Maybe you should [Teddy KGB voice] pay that man his money then, Nick?

H/t: Fightful for transcription

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