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WWE talent cuts reportedly not planned for today

TKO Listing Day Photo by Michelle Farsi/Zuffa LLC

WWE is in the process of laying off office staff today (Sept. 15), a move that had been expected since Endeavor’s acquisition of the company was announced after WrestleMania 39.

Along with confirmation of the behind-the-scenes cuts now that WWE is part of TKO Group along with UFC, a rumor hit last night that “major” ones were coming for WWE’s wrestlers and other on-screen talent. Those were said to be coming for talent on the main roster with Raw or SmackDown, and those working in NXT or training at the Performance Center.

Talent releases were allegedly planned in advance, and weren’t necessarily going to coincide with today’s office cuts. According to PWInsider, they won’t. In one of his updates on what he’s hearing out of WWE’s Stamford, Connecticut headquarters, Mike Johnson wrote:

For those who have asked, we have been told there are no plans for talent cuts today.

So while full-time employees are sweating it out today waiting to see if they get a call from HR, contractors will have a few more anxious days waiting to see if that rumor is true — and if it will impact them.

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