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WWE reportedly changes Edge’s internal roster status


Edge (real name Adam Copeland) told us his WWE contract ends this month. He shared that as he was preparing for the last match on that contract, against his friend Sheamus in his hometown of Toronto. There was talk the Hall of Famer might call it a career heading it that Aug. 18 SmackDown, and he told us he didn’t have too many more in him even if he decided to sign the new WWE contract he had in his in-box.

But there was also a rumor that offer didn’t meet Edge’s requirements, and lots of speculation he might go join his old friend colleague Christian in AEW.

Got all that? Okay, because now PWInsider reports that while the Rated R Superstar still shows up on the WWE website’s roster page, Edge “internally is no longer listed as an active performer for the company.”

He’s not completely off their books, though. In an update to their original story, the site now says he’s been moved to a different section of the internal roster:

Copeland is no longer listed internally on either the Raw or Smackdown roster.

Instead, we are told [Edge] is now listed in what was described as a “miscellaneous” talent list for personalities signed but not working actively on either TV series. Others included on that list currently would be Steve Austin, Big E, Undertaker, Titus O’Neill and Braun Strowman, among others, all talents who are connected to the company, but not actively performing or are injured.

Does that mean Copeland is on his way elsewhere? Or that after discussing it with Beth Phoenix and their daughters, Edge has decided to either become a once-a-year-type performer, or retire for good?

Stay tuned.

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