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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 12, 2023): Becky Lynch Women’s title match

Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight’s show from the WWE Performance Center: NXT Women’s champion Tiffany Stratton defends against Raw’s Becky Lynch!

Tonight’s card also feature Ilja Dragunov vs. Wes Lee to determine who will challenge Carmelo Hayes for the NXT title at No Mercy, while the Global Heritage Invitational continues with Tyler Bate & Axiom in Group A action and Nathan Frazer & Akira Tozawa facing off in Group B. Plus, Dana Brooke takes on Lyra Valkyria, The Creeds battle Edris Enofe & Malik Blade, Charlie Dempsey teams with Drew Gulak & Damon Kemp for a six-man against Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs & Myles Borne... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


No lyrics today and I miss the intro recap because my cable crapped the bed but here we go!

Ilja Dragunov vs. Wes Lee (NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Steady back and forth, both men taking a slow and steady approach, Lee with a big dropkick and then he fights out of a German suplex with an arm drag! Off the ropes, ducking and dodging, Dragunov takes him out with a lariat! Waistlock, German suplex connects, hanging onto the hold for rolling Germans!

To the floor, and Ilja German suplexes Wes into the announce desk as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Dragunov goes for a powerbomb, reversed to a hurricanrana... NOPE! Ilja hammering forearms in the aftermath, Lee throws back in kind, follows it with a superkick, a boot, double stomp, both men down and out! Spanish Fly... DRAGUNOV KICKS OUT!

Cardiac Kick, blocked and reversed, reversed right back into a tornado DDT but Ilja rolls out of the ring! TOPE CON GIRO! Hammering him with headbutts, rolling him over...

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall, becoming #1 contender to the NXT Championship.

Post-match, Carmelo Hayes comes down to confront his new challenger, same as his old challenger.

Tiffany Stratton is shown arriving at the arena.

Vic Joseph puts on his serious voice for a recap of Bron Breakker’s post-match attack on Von Wagner, smashing the steel stairs away into a cut to black. Vic informs us there’s no timetable for Von’s return and he’s got specialists looking at him.

Baron Corbin is shown walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Baron Corbin makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says normally he comes out here and we don’t like him and he doesn’t like us, but seven weeks ago he saw something so vicious that the TV trucks had to cut the feed to black. Bron Breakker, he says, literally crushed Von Wagner’s skull in the steel steps. He’s not gonna act like he likes Von, but his whole story with the surgeries is all very real.

Bron knew that and took advantage of that, and he’s no doctor, but he knows Von Wagner will never be the same again. He calls Breakker out to talk to him.

Enter Bron Breakker.

Baron is conflicted and says what Bron did was... frickin’ awesome, actually! They celebrate the awesomeness of it in the ring together. Breakker calls Corbin an idiot and says he didn’t do what he did to get Baron’s approval, he did it to end Wagner’s career.

Corbin says he came out here to be nice and even offer to pay Bron’s fine, but he can see he doesn’t want that. He’s so angry, meaner than evil, ending careers, wow, congratulations. Why not try ending Kurt Angle’s career at WrestleMania and then ending another gold medalist’s career before it even got started.

Talk about evil? He’s stood toe-to-toe with the Undertaker at Madison Square Garden, he fought Roman Reigns— Bron tells him he doesn’t care and Baron says he’s on a higher level than Breakker. Bron says he doesn’t care about his respect and there’s only one thing left to do— have a match between themselves at No Mercy.

He tells Corbin to do himself a favor— call his family, his friends, his loved ones, because he’s gonna leave the building at No Mercy the same way Von did last week. Baron tells him he has a lot to learn and slaps him in the face! Bron returns the favor!

They trade slaps until security swarms the ring and pulls them apart!

Fallon Henley rolls up on Briggs, Jensen, and Borne and tells them it’s time to go as we go to break.

Briggs and Jensen (Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs) & Myles Borne vs. Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp, & Drew Gulak

Chaotic early as Briggs and Jensen go to town on Dempsey and Gulak, settling down with Brooks on Kemp, he tags Drew in. Charlie on the wrong side of town, Borne tags in and shows his stuff, tags made and Damon and Jensen trade hands! Facebreaker from Kemp, spinning wheel kick from Brooks and the match breaks down!

Back inside, Myles shows his true colors and Kemp takes Brooks out...

Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp, & Drew Gulak win by pinfall with a slam from Kemp on Brooks Jensen.

Post-match, Borne celebrates with the ersatz Catch Point lads.

We get a Chase U vignette where Andre Chase chats to Duke Hudson about how worried he is about Thea Hail. Duke tries to track her location but she’s turned it off.

We cut to Thea turning it off while she hangs out with Jacy Jayne and some boys come over to talk to them. (Gross!) They make fun of Hail for being young and mock Jacy for hanging out with little girls, and they beat the boys up! (Excellent!) Hail wants her to take her shopping next week and Jacy agrees!

Dana Brooke makes her entrance, flanked by Kelani Jordan, and we go to break.

Dana Brooke vs. Lyra Valkyria

Feeling out, Brooke reverses a slam into a headscissors but gets sent to the floor with a dropkick! Boot off the apron, back inside, Dana trips her up off the top and hard into the mat! Lariat follows, cover for two! Valkyria coming back with windmill right hands and kicks, a big lariat, another one, scoop and a slam!

Whip to the corner, Lyra rolls away from a handspring, reverse roundhouse connects, she goes up top...

Lyra Valkyria wins by pinfall with a diving splash.

We get a video package announcing an NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament.

Eddy Thorpe is interviewed backstage.

He says it’s difficult to cool down when you’re dealing with a snake like Donovan Dijak, and he’s not gonna let this go.

Dijak appears on the TV at Eddy’s little video package camp and takes his belt of and whips a tree, saying he’s marking Thorpe’s territory and sending Eddy walking off.

Tyler Bate makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for WWE’s efforts with Connor’s Cure.

Dominik Mysterio and Carmelo Hayes exchange words backstage about which of them is going to still be champion after No Mercy.

Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage.

She cuts an “in my day” promo about what NXT used to be like and how she survived the meatgrinder and nobody can doubt her now.

Kiana James rolls up to tell her she’s not welcome and Becky says she’ll whip her ass after she wins the title tonight.

Axiom (1) vs. Tyler Bate (0) (Global Heritage Invitational Group A Match)

Mat grappling, Bate with a backslide for one, fights out of a bow-and-arrow, kip-ups into a stalemate! Test of strength, Axiom picks a leg, into the side headlock to ground Tyler. Arm wringer, whip across, Bate crawls under, leapfrog, crawl under, rana pin reversed, duck some kicks, an uppercut sends Axiom to the floor!

Back in with a shove, Bate returns the favor, Bop and Bang blocked! Off the ropes, Axiom clocks him with a dropkick, to the floor... ORIHARA MOONSAULT CONNECTS! Back inside, diving crossbody, crucifix pin, Tyler rolls through, fireman’s carry into the airplane spin!

Axiom rolls to the floor to stop a cover and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Axiom with a half-halch superplex! Charging in, Bate catches him into a suplex, kip-up, shooting star press... COUNTERED INTO A TRIANGLE CHOKE! Axiom shifts gears to an enzuigiri, rolling Koppu Kick gets a Penalty Kick! Right hand from Tyler, rebound lariat countered into a Spanish Fly!

Diving uppercut caught into a sleeper hold, Bate has nowhere to go but he manages to post to his hands and feet, fireman’s carry and an airplane spin to break! Axiom counters with a Poison Frankensteiner, Tyler with a brainbuster in the aftermath... NOPE! Up top, avalanche Spanish Fly... BATE KICKS OUT!

Cross armbar on the kickout, powerbomb reversed, kick out of the rana, Tyler Driver reversed, rebound lariat connects! Underhooks...

Tyler Bate wins by pinfall with Tyler Driver ‘97, earning two points.

Pete “BUTCH” Dunne is interviewed backstage.

He says everyone knows he and Tyler go way back, all the way back to Bate’s first match at 15 years old. But he’s not here to reminisce, he’s here to prove that he’s the baddest man in all of WWE, and nobody brings out the bruiser in him more than Tyler, and next week is fight night.

Tiffany Stratton is shown working out backstage to prepare for her match.

Diamond Mine make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Joe Gacy and Ava Raine meet at the Schism tree.

Gacy says the roots are rotten and they stand alone and more isolated than ever before. They touch the wood and that’s the segment.

We cut to Trick Williams, who apparently was watching that when Carmelo Hayes rolls up. Trick says he relates and Carmelo says he’s not alone, he always has his back. Williams offers to have his back against the Judgment Day but Melo says he’s good.

Wes Lee rolls up in the background as they continue to talk about how their relationship is. Trick asks if they’ve still got each other’s back outside these walls and Hayes agrees before leaving.

Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo are watching in the crowd. Julius blasts Edris with a lariat, tag to Brutus, fireman’s carry, clear the apron, spinebuster but Enofe kicks out! Olympic Slam into a standing moonsault, Brutus Bomb, Blade breaks it up! Spinebuster / blockbuster combo from Edris and Malik, only two!

Enofe with clubbing right hands, taking Creed off his feet! Brutus is fired up, shrugging off more clubs, Julius tags in, cartwheel slam, catching Blade, hossing him up, tag to Brutus...

Creed Brothers win by pinfall with the Brutus Bomb / powerbomb combination on Malik Blade.

Post-match, Lucien Price and Bronco Nima attack Enofe and Blade while the Creeds jaw at Garza and Carrillo.

Becky Lynch is pensive backstage when Lyra Valkyria rolls up and they embrace and put each other over. Lyra asks her to win the title, Becky tells her to keep killing, and we go to break.

Roxanne Perez is backstage chatting to some new girls about her experience in the last NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament when Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice roll up to confront her about causing issues.

Akira Tozawa (0) vs. Nathan Frazer (2) (Global Heritage Invitational Group B Match)

Trading wristlocks, Tozawa with an upkick into a stalemate! Frazer with a headlock takeover, off the ropes, blasts Akira with a kick, charging in, back body drop to the apron, elbow connects, nobody home on the double stomp! Ducking a kick from Tozawa, kicking out of a victory roll, but Akira snaps off a German suplex!

Fired up, Shining Wizard connects! Tozawa up top, missile dropkick follows! Off the ropes, suicide dive, back inside, up top, jockeying for position... NATHAN WITH THE SUPERPLEX INTO THE FINAL CUT! IT’S OVER!

Nathan Frazer wins by pinfall with a Final Cut, earning two points.

Gallus are interviewed backstage.

Joe Coffey says he’s gonna slap Duke Hudson about, top Group B with six points, and snatch the Heritage Cup at No Mercy. Hudson walks up and says he hand some Chase U students crunch the numbers, and if he beats Coffey next week, it’ll be a three-way tie at the top of Group B and he’ll get to call himself The Spoiler.

Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton are shown walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Mustafa Ali is interviewed backstage.

He doesn’t appreciate his huge victory over Dragon Lee being undermined and says he couldn’t control how Dominik Mysterio officiated his match and when he realized his hand was being raised by that convicted criminal he took action and dropped him. He’ll be the one to reclaim the title for all NXT.

Dragon Lee rolls up to say the count as too fast and Ali knows it. Mustafa doesn’t agree or disagree and says Dragon will get the first title shot when he wins the belt, it’s only fair. Dragon says he’s not done with him.

Wes Lee is interviewed on his way out of the arena and says Ilja was the better man tonight and if he’s not going to No Mercy, he’s going home. He cleared his locker out, and he’s done.

As he leaves, a mystery person in a hoodie beats Blair Davenport up. Her hood falls back and we see it’s Gigi Dolin as security swarms to pull them apart.

Commentary hypes next week’s show up.

Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton (c) (NXT Women’s Championship)

Stratton backs her into the corner and breaks clean, jawing at her! Off the ropes, shoulder block, drop down, cartwheel over, Matrix evasion, tripping Lynch up, Matrix evasion of her own! Drop down, cartwheel over, a little “everything you can do I can do better” action!

Dis-Arm-Her attempt, Tiffany slips out and gets back to her feet. Circling, collar and elbow, Stratton clubbing her down, fighting over a whip, blocking the Man and suplexing her into the ropes before blasting her to the floor with a hip attack and sending us to break!

Back from commercial, Lynch takes control of the match! Dis-Arm-Her countered, sitout spinebuster in return, cover for two! Up for the moonsault, Lynch blocks with a leg pick, throws Tiffany to the apron, Stratton up top, jockeying for position, senton atomico gets the champion a two count!

Cross armbar from Becky, Tiffany fighting it, scooting her way to the ropes and she gets a foot on the ropes and posts into a folding press before going for the counter powerbomb! Reversed into a Frankensteiner... NOPE! Stratton slings her into the ropes, hip attack connects, double stomp... STILL NO!

Going for the moonsault, Becky counters, side Russian legsweep off the second rope... SO CLOSE! To the floor, Tiffany throws her into the barricade and clears the announce desk for some mayhem! Powerbomb lift, Lynch gets up on the barricade and kicks her onto the table... BECKY LYNCH LEG DROP ONTO THE TABLE BUT IT DOESN’T BUDGE!

Back inside, another diving leg drop... STRATTON KICKS OUT! Into Dis-Arm-Her, Tiffany with nowhere to go... SHE GETS THE ROPES FOR THE BREAK! Electric chair, dumping Becky to the apron, knee lift connects, round kick from the Man, up top, nobody home! Stratton with a Liger Bomb... LYNCH KICKS OUT!

Manhandle Slam denied, schoolboy for two, Finlay Roll sets up the moonsault but nobody’s home! Becky gets her...

Becky Lynch wins by pinfall with the Manhandle Slam, becoming your new NXT Women’s Champion.

Becky Lynch celebrates with the title.

That’s the show, folks.

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