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Triple H rubbed elbows with Jeff Bezos at New York Fashion Week

For the second year in a row, wrestling fans are paying attention to New York Fashion Week. But unlike in 2022, when were excited to see Mercedes Varnado (aka Mercedes Moné, fka Sasha Banks) and Trinity Fatu (who wrestled as Naomi with Varnado in WWE) wearing new designs on the runway, this year its an executive in the seats who has tongues wagging.

There was a wrestler on the catwalk, too. We’ll get to Maxxine Dupri in a moment.

But it’s her boss, WWE’s Chief Creative Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who made this post on X blow-up. And the person seated to his right, Amazon founder & executive chairman Jeff Bezos...

No disrespect to the person The Game’s left, Endeavor CEO and soon-to-be Levesque (and Vince McMahon’s) boss Ari Emanuel. In fact, Emanuel’s presence further fuels speculation the trio could have been together talking about WWE’s ongoing media rights negotiations as much as they were STAUD’s upcoming line.

To be 100% clear, there’s no confirmation Bezos, Emanuel & Levesque were doing anything other than sitting next to one another. Even that could have been a coincidence. But given that recent reports have named Amazon as a potential landing spot for WWE content when the sports entertainment company’s contracts with NBCUniversal for Raw (and NXT) and FOX for SmackDown end next October... you can understand the curiosity online.

Meanwhile, she may be more wrestler than model on Monday nights now, but Dupri showed she still has some fashion chops...

Her Raw in-ring and NYFW debuts in the same year? Maxxine is Making it Maximum in 2023, for sure. Will we see her hit the Worm on Amazon Prime in late 2024? Stay tuned...

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