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How Finn Bálor & Drew McIntyre answered questions about a possible CM Punk WWE return

With CM Punk’s tumultuous AEW run over, much of the wrestling world’s attention has turned to something that until recently seemed unthinkable — Punk’s return to WWE.

It’s not clear at this point if there’s anything in Punk’s contract or contracts with Tony Khan that will prevent him from immediately returning to the company he walked away from back in 2014. With Endeavor’s purchase of WWE nearly finalized, it’s also not clear who at TKO Group Holdings (the new company WWE and UFC will operate under post-acquisition) will decide whether to welcome Punk back.

But answers to those questions aren’t needed to ask current members of the WWE roster about working with Punk should he return.

Cheap Heat’s Peter Rosenberg & the crew at The Ringer Wrestling Show brought it up with Finn Bálor last week. The Judgment Day’s Grand Slam champion took a bottom line approach to the possibility of a program with Punk:

“I’d be interested in wrestling a broomstick if someone’s going to pay me money. So, show me the money. Money talks.”

Sportskeeda WrestleBinge asked Drew McIntyre about a Punk comeback during press for Superstar Spectacle. McIntyre, whose own WWE future has been a popular topic lately, took a more political tack:

“I don’t make those decisions. I watch what I say in interviews. But he’s certainly controversial and he gets people talking. I’ll leave it at that.”

Neither was a negative as Seth Rollins, or as enthusiastic as Zelina Vega. The roster’s opinion will likely be one factor in WWE’s ultimate decision on Punk, but how much weight will be given to their feedback?

How interesting Bálor & McIntyre’s answers are depends on the answer to that.

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