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Yeah, just go ahead and book Cody Rhodes to dethrone Roman Reigns

One thing I’ve noticed about getting older, beyond that fact that nothing seems to work as well as it used to, is that I’m a big ol’ softie now. Every damn thing tugs on my heartstrings. I’m a bit jaded and maybe too cynical still but there are times when all that melts away. The innocence of youth absolutely has that effect.

Which is why I love this clip so much:

I don’t know that kid but chances are his life is pretty simple. He doesn’t have any of the real world problems any of us adults deal with on a daily basis. Everything in his world means something different to him than it would to us but we can all understand the pure joy he’s experiencing by simply being able to engage in a brief interaction with Cody Rhodes.

At that age, that hug might as well have felt like touching god.

Seeing something like this really makes you understand why having a top babyface means so much to WWE, and why this connection with the fans means so much to the wrestlers themselves. It’s great having a strong heel champion like Roman Reigns but this clip turned me and put me firmly in the camp of those who believe Rhodes should be the one to dethrone him.

Just imagine this kid’s reaction watching it happen. Almost brings a tear to my tired eyes.

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