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Current WWE factions, ranked

During Friday Night SmackDown this week, it became clear WWE, in the Triple H era, is all about factions. The focus of television on the blue brand for years now has been the many issues related to The Bloodline while Monday Night Raw has largely been dominated by whatever The Judgment Day has been getting up to.

Which made me think it’s time to rank them all.

For our purposes, I’m considering a faction of group of three or more wrestlers who are aligned together on TV. There are some exceptions when one of the group typically acts as a manager, like in the case of The Vikings Raiders or Alpha Academy. I’m not including them here, but I wouldn’t argue if you wanted to.

With that said, here are my rankings:

1. The Judgment Day

They’ve been running damn near every show for a while now, with every member holding a championship that ensures they can work on Raw, SmackDown, and even NXT. They’re everything right now.

2. The Suit Profits

This is an absurdly high rating for a group that only recently got together but I’m absurdly high on everything the Profits and Bobby Lashley can be. One need look no further than the short interaction they had with Judgment Day on SmackDown to show what the future could look like. And they just look so damn good.

3. The Bloodline

They’ve got Roman Reigns, who has been champion forever, but the group is constantly in turmoil and everyone is turning on everyone else all the damn time. You can’t trust anyone in this crew!

4. Imperium

GUNTHER is dominant in a way few are or even can be, and his two underlings are loyal in a way few are or even can be.

5. Damage CTRL

They lose far too often, but they’ve weathered a few storms and Iyo Sky is women’s champion and she hasn’t even really reached her full potential. That alone shoots them up the rankings for me.

6. LWO

I love this group overall, and am just as high on Santos Escobar as WWE seems to be. Rey Mysterio is a legend who is also a current champion and Zelina Vega, though she is always a victim of stop/start pushes, is deeply talented and delivers every time she gets the opportunity.

7. The Brawling Brutes

I really wanted to put these guys higher up, because Sheamus has nothing but bangers and I’m a huge fan of BUTCH, but they’re hardly ever coming out ahead and are mostly used as enhancement talent, even if it’s higher up on the card. That’s not a bad thing, by the way, it just ensures I can’t go higher.

8. The OC

I’m a fan of the Good Brothers schtick, they just need something more to do to actually show how entertaining they can be. AJ Styles really puts this group over the top.

9. Indus Sher

They need to get this crew back on TV. Big dudes throwing their weight around and beating people up works.

10. Hit Row

It just hasn’t worked since they came back without Swerve.

Agree? Disagree?

Tell me why.

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