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Sounds like WWE has PLE plans for John Cena (Possible SPOILERS)

John Cena make his return to WWE television tonight (Sept. 1), kicking off a two month stretch where he’ll only miss one episode of SmackDown. The week Cena won’t be appearing on FOX, he’ll be in India wrestling on the Superstar Spectacle event WWE’s put together for their television partners in the world’s most populous country.

The timing of Cena’s return led to some speculation he could be sticking around for WWE’s next Saudi Arabia show, which reportedly will happen on Nov. 4. No one’s gone on record about that particular bit of gossip, but we are now hearing that Cena could be working a Saturday or two for WWE before they return to the KSA.

Social media scoopster Wrestlevotes tweeted last night that they “heard rumblings” Cena would be the “special guest host” of Payback this weekend. And in a report from behind their “Elite” paywall, PWInsider confirmed “talk” of the 16 time WWE World champ appearing on tomorrow night’s premium live event in Pittsburgh... AND at the Fastlane one in Indianapolis on Oct. 7.

For his part, Cena (who is also granting wishes for Make A Wish at every stop on his WWE return tour) is just grateful for every chance to put smiles on faces:

Excited for two months of unexpected John Cena? What do you think he’ll get up to in all these SmackDown and PLE appearances?

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