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It sounds like Roman Reigns was injured at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns has been WWE Universal champion for nearly three years, and WWE business is booming this year in particular with him on top. If you asked me who the next most likely champ is, I’d probably guess Vacant, because at this point it seems like only an injury can bring down the Tribal Chief.

This past weekend, Reigns worked the main event of SummerSlam against Jey Uso in a very violent Tribal Combat match that went more than 30 minutes. And now, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer is hearing that Roman got hurt in the match.

Here’s the conversation Meltzer had with his co-host Bryan Alvarez regarding Reigns’ potential injury:

Meltzer: “Roman Reigns got hurt in that match. Did you know the spot he got hurt?”

Alvarez: “I didn’t even know he got hurt until I saw your text message.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, Roman Reigns got hurt in the match. I haven’t watched the beginning of the match over again, but I heard it was relatively early.”

Alvarez: “Well, what do we mean by Roman Reigns got hurt? I mean, he went 35 minutes and seemed fine.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, but he got hurt. I don’t know the nature of the injury, I just heard that he worked the match hurt. He worked the match hurt, he got hurt early in the match.”

This is all vague enough where it’s not clear if the injury is a big deal or not. That Roman finished the lengthy match and seemed okay is at least one indicator that it might just be a minor issue.

WWE is advertising Roman for this week’s (Aug. 11) episode of SmackDown in a Hail To The Chief segment with Jimmy Uso. After that, it’s not clear if Reigns will be working the next two pay-per-views on the WWE schedule, Payback (Sept. 2) and Fastlane (Oct. 7), because he’s a part-timer who sometimes isn’t booked on non-stadium events like those.

Once those events are out of the way, a Saudi show and Survivor Series will be coming up in November, and it’s likely that Roman will be defending the gold at those events, assuming he is healthy at that time.

What do you make of this story, Cagesiders? Did you see any obvious spots early in the SummerSlam main event where it looked like Roman Reigns suffered an injury?

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