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LA Knight popped into Raw for a visit with The Miz

LA Knight is on the rise, on a fast climb up the proverbial ladder en route to, well, who knows what. The sky certainly appears to be the limit for the Megastar, especially now that we know WWE is well and truly behind him.

We know this because he came to Monday Night Raw this week in Minneapolis — hey, that Draft sure did a whole lot, huh? — for a promo battle against The Miz. He did good:

See for yourself:

What’s more, they used The Miz to address the loudest criticisms of Knight, namely that he’s an Attitude Era knockoff. You defuse that kind of talk by, well, outright addressing it the way they did here and having Knight walk right over it.

Which is what he did, taking it to Miz both verbally and physically.

Only up from here.


Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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