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SummerSlam? More like SummerSwerve, amirite bro?

The finish of the main event was very Vince Russo-esque.

SummerSlam is over. Roman Reigns is still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and my prediction that Jey Uso would be victorious was thankfully wrong.

Yet, I don’t feel good about it.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still admire the performer that is The Tribal Chief. On the contrary, Reigns is still the best wrestler I’ve ever seen. Even with all the cheating he does to retain his title, it never annoys me. That it bothers so many actually makes me enjoy it even more.

But the finish to his championship match with Jey Uso left a bad taste in my mouth, not because of the shenanigans, but because it was bad storytelling. The outcome featured a nonsensical swerve that I’d expect from Vince Russo, not Triple H, Paul Heyman, and the other creative minds that built the best storyline in wrestling.

I should’ve seen it coming when WWE seemingly laid the foundation for the breakup of the Usos weeks ago on SmackDown when Reigns revealed that he had Jimmy, not Jey, pegged as the one to be his right-hand man three years ago, except Jimmy was out with an injury. Reigns blamed Jey for the beating he and Solo Sikoa inflicted on Jimmy and said that Jey screwed his twin brother.

Barring some other unforeseen reasoning, it looks like WWE will lean into jealousy as the reason Jimmy betrayed Jey. That might sound logical to WWE, but it makes no sense since Jimmy saw Reigns as a manipulator, which is why he was the first in the family to leave Reigns behind. Whatever Jey is guilty of in Jimmy’s mind, it cannot be anything worse than what Reigns has done, which is why this turn in the story is illogical and unsatisfying.

And while it allows the most magnificent title run in wrestling to continue, and as glad as I am to see that, I have to call it like it is: this sucked.

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