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WWE SummerSlam 2023 results: Logan Paul knocks out Ricochet with brass knuckles

Logan Paul said he asked WWE if he could wrestle the first match of the evening at tonight’s (Sat., Aug. 5, 2023) SummerSlam premium live event at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, because he wanted to hop on a jet and try to make it to Dallas in time for his brother Jake’s boxing match against Nate Diaz. The company obliged him.

It helps that Paul vs. Ricochet is a damn good match to open a major event with, of course.

Despite wanting to make a cross country trip immediately afterward, Paul didn’t rush his way through the match itself. They actually worked one hell of a back-and-forth straight up wrestling match. As usual, Paul showed himself to be far more polished than anyone should reasonably expect from a man this short into the game.

That’s not to say they didn’t deliver the high spots. Did they ever.

There was also this insane spot that I still can’t believe Paul pulled off:

When it came time for the near falls, the atmosphere in the building was unreal, the crowd getting more and more hyped for each close call, of which there were many.

The finish saw one of Paul’s friends sneak ringside and slip some brass knuckles onto Paul’s fingers. He turned around and clocked Ricochet with the big knockout blow and got the pinfall off that.

“That was a good match but the ending sucked,” Michael Cole exclaimed.

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