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Big E says spinal specialists have advised him not to wrestle again

WWE Wrestlers Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E Sydney Appearance Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage

As big fans of former WWE champion Big E, we remain thrilled he’s happy and healthy after breaking his neck taking a move on SmackDown in March of last year.

But we would also mark the f out if we got to clap for our guy’s return to the ring someday.

E is in Detroit with WWE this weekend for SummerSlam, and was of course asked if there have been any updates on his status during a media event yesterday (Aug. 4). The short answer is, “not really”. But he did share some advice he’s gotten from doctors that factors into his ongoing decision process:

We did the year checkup, and all that stuff looked great as well. But on the other side, you know, I also talked to spine specialists, some who’ve worked on people in the company and done their fusions, and they said like, ‘Hey, I would not wrestle again if I were you.’

“So for me, at 37, you know, these are things that I think about. I think about the quality of life. You know, when I started this job at 23 years old and probably had a bit of a death wish and was okay dying in the ring. I, now at 37, would like to not die in the ring. I would like to do other things with my life. So I don’t really have a timeline right now.

“I’m just really grateful to not have any nerve pain. My strength is great — legit, no issues whatsoever. It’s just something I wanna be smart about and make the very best decision for my life because, hopefully, I’d like to have a lot of life — a lot of healthy life ahead of me. So I just wanna be smart about the decision. So, unfortunately, right now, I have no answers. I feel great — but yeah, I got nothing.”

E also spoke about possibly taking on a commentary role, and in typical Large Epsilon fashion made it a little weird. Very entertaining, but...

“It’s something that has been discussed. Titus [O’Neil] is doing that and having great fun. I’ve had fun as well. I saw Becky’s comments about the pee break*, which I’ve thought about many times. Many times. Do you wear a diaper? I’d probably wear a diaper. I like to stay hydrated. After three hours of being there, we can’t go in a bucket. There are people right behind you. I would. Maybe a catheter. Like a catheter. It would be painful, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t sit there for three hours with no pee break. That would be the biggest obstacle. I’m going to add on to the Becky Lynch pee-break commentary discourse and say that for me would be the biggest obstacle the urine. The catheter would be the route we’d go.”

As long as we get quotes like that every few weeks? Take your time deciding on a return to the ring, big man.

* From an appearance on the Sports Media with Richard Deitsch podcast, where she said:

God, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even considered it [a commentator role], because I just look at Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves and Michael Cole and they’re all incredible. But I just go, how do you hold your pee for that long? [Laughs] And I go, I think I’d be starving. I’m a snacker. I just need my snacks and to keep that energy up for that length of time and not have to pee, I don’t know. I think that’s the reason, so it’s never even been a consideration.

“But now that we’re talking about it, I think I would be fairly good at it. I do like to talk and I like to watch wrestling and I like to analyze wrestling and give my two cents so, I mean it is something. But again, it comes to this, when you think about it, Raw is over three hours. They gotta hold their pee for that long.”

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