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Rhea Ripley feels some kind of way about being left off SummerSlam

WWE’s decision to leave one of its Women’s championship programs, and a long-running feud between two of the most popular women’s wrestlers of all-time off SummerSlam — seemingly due to timing issues — has generated a lot of conversation this week.

I’m honestly not even sure what to call the site/app anymore, let alone what constitutes a “Trending Topic”, but #WWEWomenDeserveBetter has popped up on my Twitter X timeline frequently today (Aug. 4).

Something that’s factoring into that was WWE’s announcement (via fashion/celebrity news outlet InStyle) that Rhea Ripley will be hosting a pre-SummerSlam event on TikTok tomorrow afternoon. Ripley is the reigning WWE Women’s World champion, and central to one of the company’s hottest acts in The Judgment Day... yet she won’t have a match at Detroit’s Ford Field tomorrow night.

How’s Mami feel about that?

Well, she’s not doing any tell-all podcasts, but some of her tweets (xeets?) over the past 24 hours clue us in...

Cheeky fun — almost literally in the case of that last one. But also someone who understandably seems to feel she’s earned a spot on the SummerSlam card, especially since her employers are using her to sell the show.

Is this an example of those “growing frustrations” in the WWE women’s locker room? Or just a wrestler capitalizing on something the online audience is focused on? Both?

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