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Xavier Woods shares injury diagnosis, assures us he’ll be okay in very Xavier Woods fashion

The rumor mill churned out a report about Xavier Woods being legitimately injured in the sport where Drew McIntyre threw one of the Raw announcer’s chairs at him on this past Monday’s episode. Right around the same time, Woods was sharing the news himself on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter:

Whiplash induced by having an office chair bounced off your face sounds pretty bad, even if the prescription for it is only a week off from bumping around a ring. Between his tweet and the rumormongers, Woods apparently got a bunch of well-wishes from his fans. He tweeted (or I guess we’re supposed to say “posted on X” now... X posted on X? nah...) that he’ll be fine.

And attached a very on-brand “Hollaback Girl” edit of McIntyre inadvertently(?) hitting him instead of Viking Raider Erik with said chair:

Love the quick cut to the main event moment when Trish Stratus threw a steel chair that hit Zoey Stark.

Anyway, get well soon Woods!

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