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Even Trish Stratus knows her feud with Becky Lynch has been ‘a little long’

It sounded great on paper.

Two of the most popular women’s wrestlers of the 21st century going head-to-head. A heel Trish Stratus, embittered about the lack of opportunities afforded to the women’s roster in her prime and how that’s impacted her legacy, going after one of the current era’s biggest stars in Becky Lynch, who Stratus believes has been the beneficiary of all the advantages she was denied in the past.

For whatever reason, it hasn’t been the epic program many imagined it would be. And as it heads toward its likely conclusion this Saturday night (Sept. 2) in a Steel Cage at Payback, even Trish seems to know it.

The WWE Hall of Famer said as much while talking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette earlier this week. There’s surely a little bit of kayfabe behind her answer, as in another soundbite from the interview Stratus mentioned “all the time [Lynch has] wasted in my life.” But this quote doesn’t sound like part of the storyline:

“We’ve had a good little run and it’s been really fun. But it’s been a little long. I’m ready to move on, do other things and cross paths with other people.”

Ready to see the Lynch/Stratus feud wrap up this weekend, Cagesiders?

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