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Report: Bianca Belair is taking time off from WWE

According to a report from Fightful Select, WWE star Bianca Belair is taking time off from WWE, which could last anywhere from less than one month to as long as three months.

This explains why WWE ran an injury angle on the Aug. 18 episode of SmackDown, where Belair was attacked backstage by Damage CTRL, following a match where Bianca teamed up with Charlotte Flair to score a win over that group.

Bayley and IYO SKY were sore losers, so they targeted Belair’s knee backstage after the match was over, and left her her writhing in pain on the ground.

This injury angle was done to write Belair off WWE television for the time being. Bianca is not actually injured, it’s all just part of the storyline.

Current WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY won the belt earlier this month at SummerSlam by cashing in her Money in the Bank contract on Belair; the EST of WWE now has another good reason to seek payback on Damage CTRL whenever he returns.

Which WWE wrestlers do you expect will get some of the spotlight while Bianca Belair is taking time off, Cagesiders?

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